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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2014 6:55 am

Below is a brief list of the most essential rules of the site. This does not include the rules of roleplay and other such regulations but rather how you should conduct yourself in other parts of the site, namely out of character rather than in character. This includes in the chattbox, in private messages, and on the site as a whole when not in character. Please learn these rules and keep them in mind before posting something OOC or joining us in the chatbox.

  1. Please respect others, especially staff. If you have a problem with another member please take it up with a moderator or administrator depending on the severity of the issue or concern. Do not take it upon yourself to flame, harass or bully the member as all three of these will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule may result in a warning prior to a kick and/or temporary ban should you persist.
  2. Do not argue with a member of staff's decision. If you disagree, please take it up with a higher member of staff such as a head administrator or the owner. Do not argue with the member of staff and do not make a scene. Your case will not be heard or listened to what-so-ever if this is the case. You will be disregarded entirely.
  3. No advertising of any sort will be tolerated. It is understandable if someone asks you for a link to something and you provide it, however, this does not mean freely giving out links to other sites for the purpose of advertising or for seemingly no purpose. This will be dealt with in a similar manner to the first rule. A warning followed by a kick and/or temporary ban.
  4. No carbon-copy characters from other anime, manga, or TV shows. If your character appears to be an exact carbon-copy of an already existent character, chances are it will be denied and you will be warned. This also applies to canon characters. No carbon-copies, replicas, relatives, or mentioning of canon characters in your apps.
  5. Please do not bug staff about checking your applications. Members of staff have lives too and you can not expect them to instantly know when you have an application up or for them to always have the time to check it. Your first reminder will be 12 hours after posting the application in which case you may notify one member of staff via private message or other methods. After that, you must wait another 12 hours and so on and so forth.
  6. This forum, for the most part, is PG-13 and we do not condone OOC material, links, images, or discussions that extend too far into R-rated territory. With that said, some mature topics may be permitted with the proper tags in role-play. This does not extend to cover OOC, however, and will be dealt with harshly.
  7. Please do not spam outside of the spam sub-forum. We will delete posts and issue warnings if you do not adhere to this rule. Spam gets annoying, no one likes it, and it makes the whole site look sloppy. If you do not know what spam is, it is basically a message that does not adhere to the topic, or is completely pointless and unnecessary.
  8. Please refrain from double-posting, once again: it makes the site look fairly sloppy, and no one wants to see your side-profile and signature all over again. Try to edit, but we know people make mistakes, so this rule will not be thoroughly enforced, but if there seems to be a better bet your getting in trouble.
  9. Only members of staff may post on application threads. If you do not adhere to this rule your post will be deleted and you will be warned. Consistently breaking this rule may result in you being banned from the application area entirely, so you've been warned. Do not post in other people's applications at all.
  10. The language of the site is English with bits and pieces of other languages. Although we allow said bits and pieces, consistently speaking in a foreign language for no purpose is not permitted and will result in a warning followed by a kick and/or temporary ban. You may use a little bit of foreign languages but keep it to a minimum. Deliberate mistakes should be avoided. Your English must be presentable and comprehensive.
  11. Your signature may not exceed a width of 600 pixels nor a height of 200 pixels. Please keep this in mind when creating the signature or please resize your signature if it is too large. Larger signatures stretch out the board and make it look rather sloppy. We'd like to avoid this by any means possible.
  12. Do not give out excessive amounts of personal information in public. This is for your protection and your protection alone. You don't know who you'll run into on this site and we can not guarantee that they are all safe, law-abiding citizens or that your safety is guaranteed when giving out personal information. This includes the disclosure of other people's personal information. This will absolutely not be tolerated and anyone found doing it will be receive drastic punishment.
  13. No speaking of hacking or hack related content. This includes a wide range of topics and we have this rule for a reason. Please keep in mind, we are not afraid of hackers but we do realize that some members may be. So discussing hacking openly on the site can and will make some people uncomfortable. To avoid this, we would like to avoid the topic altogether. If you are found discussing hacking in extensive detail, threatening the site with hacks, or threatening another member; you will be punished. No exceptions.
  14. What the owner says goes. The owner's word is a rule in itself. If the owner says something is not allowed or not permitted, that is considered above and beyond all rules currently in place. Certain loopholes are thus banned if the owner states it will not be allowed.

Please remember that these are the basic, simplified version of our site's rules and standards. Please assume that if something sounds like it might be connected to one of these rules that it probably falls under it. Furthermore, please use common sense. If you do something clearly in violation of our rules, common ethics, or something that would otherwise make someone else's experience here unenjoyable, expect to receive a warning or worse.
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General Rules
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