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 Lost Kitten (Rank Five)

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PostSubject: Lost Kitten (Rank Five)   Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:33 pm

Mission Name: Lost Kitten
Class: 5
Type: Search
Reward(s): 100
Client: Mother Feline Elin (Ruby)
IC Details: A traveling mother and daughter got separated in the town
OOC Details: 1. Find the mother calling for her daughter 2. Decide to help look for the kitten 3. Find kitten in a flower field 4. Convence the kitten to return to her mother

The kitten will be in a flower field out side of town, will be making a flower crown when first contact. Is wearing a pink hair ribbon.

Alternatives: Helping the kitten return with a flower crown will give you a rank five (item)
from the feline family
Requirements: Must be Elin
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Lost Kitten (Rank Five)
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