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 Tickets & Purchases

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PostSubject: Tickets & Purchases   Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:08 pm

About the Tickets

Tickets on this site are essentially how you pay for OOC items and perks. There are numerous ways to obtain tickets but the most common method is by purchasing them with IC gold. Tickets are attached to your account, not your character, and may be spent on any of your characters. Tickets can be gifted or traded, though not for IC items. Only for gold or for other tickets. There are different types of tickets and we will go into each one below:

  • Bronze Tickets -
    Bronze tickets are the only tickets that may be purchased with IC gold and can only be used on Bronze level items and perks. Bronze tickets can be given as rewards for event participation among other things, but are most commonly purchased with IC gold. Bronze tickets cost 1000 gold per ticket.
  • Silver Tickets -
    Silver tickets can not be purchased with gold and are given out as rewards for participation in small events. Silver tickets can be used to purchase Silver or Bronze level items and perks.
  • Golden Tickets -
    Golden tickets can not be purchased with gold and are given out as rewards for participation in medium-sized events. This includes rewards for successfully invading a village, successfully defending a village, among other things. Golden tickets can be used to purchase Golden, Silver or Bronze level items and perks.
  • Platinum Tickets -
    Platinum tickets can not be purchased with gold and are given out as rewards for playing big roles in major events. Simply participating does not reward platinum tickets. One must play a big part in the event. This includes large-scale plot events initiated by staff. Platinum tickets can be used to purchase any level item or perk, including Platinum level.

Making Purchases

In order to make a purchase, simply create a new topic dedicated to all of your OOC purchases and use the given template in the shop to purchase new items and perks. A new post must be made each time you make a purchase and it must be approved every time by a member of staff. Some items and perks will cost multiple tickets while others will usually cost only a single ticket. Every ticket is worth the same amount, though some tickets can be used in higher tier shops.
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Tickets & Purchases
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