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 The Sosarian Race

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PostSubject: The Sosarian Race   Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:49 pm

This race requires the Child of Truth or Spawn of the Fallen origin.

About the Sosarians

The Sosarians are a race of great and powerful beings, though not necessarily as great as the True Sosarians or the Fallen Sosarians. Although both the Fallen and the Truth were technically Sosarians, they far exceeded the power and might of any ordinary Sosarian. Sosarians often comprised the armies of the Truth and the Fallen and have since been wiped out, save for a few. The Sosarians are made entirely of metal and electronic parts, making them naturally occurring androids in a sense. Their bodies tend to be much more durable than that of the other races and their physical limitations tend to exceed other races as well.

General Appearance

The appearance of Sosarians vary greatly from individual to individual. However, they maintain a very humanoid appearance and look almost indistinguishable from humans, save for those who possess brightly colored hair and eyes of unique colors. They can have any color of hair or eyes, making them one of the most diverse races among all the others. Their skin tone is equally diverse, as some possess peach skin, dark skin, green skin, blue skin, and more.

Stat Potential

Below you may find each maximum stat a Sosarian can achieve before they are capped. This is not to say you start with these stats but they are simply as high as you can get in each stat.
Strength: 2200
Speed: 2000
Reflexes: 2000
Stamina: 2200
Mana: 2600
Control: 2400

Sphere of Influence

The Sosarians have been, for the most part, wiped off the face of Sosaria and thus are extremely rare to see out and about. They do not possess any territory of their own and usually just roam the kingdoms as wanderers.
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The Sosarian Race
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