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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Roleplay Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2014 7:49 am

The rules listed herein will inform you of how to conduct yourself as a proper roleplayer. All of the many rules, regulations, and technicalities will attempted to be addressed all in this topic. If you have any ideas, concerns, or feel that something should be added, specified, or elaborated on then please feel free to private message me so that I may add it in promptly. We are hoping to address every potential situation with this topic so that no one has to make a split second decision or go to an administrator for assistance. These rules are in place for a reason and may not be undermined. Please do not go to a member of staff asking 'what ifs' or saying but. There will be no exceptions to these rules except those exceptions listed herein.

Technique Usage ~ The maximum number of techniques that you may use per post is three. However, if one of those techniques is class 2 or higher then the limit goes down to two for that post.

No God-Moding ~ God moding is when you do something that your character is not capable of or utilize something you have not been approved for. This could be using a technique that you never applied for or going faster than your stat would otherwise permit. Please only use what you've been approved with/for and do not act out actions that ordinarily would be impossible for your character. God-moding to a drastic degree will result in the complete nullification of your entire post. Minor god-moding will require you modify your post. Three minor god-moding cases in a row will result in a full post nullification on the third count. - Zero Tolerance -

No Power-Gaming ~ Power-gaming is when you control the actions, status, or state of another character without the permission of that person. If that person does not give you permission to control or manipulate their character, please do not do so. This includes 'auto-hitting'. Do not state that your opponent took damage without giving them the opportunity to block, dodge, or meet other prerequisites to avoid the injury. Should you 'auto-hit' then your attack will be voided entirely. If you power-game three times in one topic then on the third time your post will be voided in its entirety, not just your attack. - Zero Tolerance -

No Meta-Gaming ~ Meta-gaming is when you use information presently known OOC or obtained OOC in order to benefit your character IC. This could be asking another member where a base is and using the information to find the base in character or it could simply be reading another's application and finding out their weakness to use against them. These things will not be tolerated and may completely nullify your post. Meta-gaming goes by the same rules as God-moding. One major case results in the complete voiding of your post. Three minor cases and your post will be nullified entirely on the third account. Minor cases of meta-gaming that would fall under the category of 'OOC' planning that do not necessarily directly benefit you in a specific situation are generally allowed. - Low Tolerance -

Third Person ~ All posts and IC interactions must be made in third person accounts. Please do not state things such as "I attacked you quickly". Rather, state "He attacked him quickly" or something to that effect. Should you post in first person, you will be promptly asked to modify your post. Please keep everything in complete third person. This is site-wide and no exceptions will be made for anyone.

Code Style ~ Although it is permitted, it is not suggested as you will be walking a very fine line when utilizing code style. Code style is hinting at an attack without out-right stating the attack and describing it. If this is abused or you can not properly explain yourself to a member of staff, you risk your entire post being voided so please tread carefully when walking the path of a code style roleplayer. It is just as risky to yourself as it is to your opponent.

Vague Manipulation ~ Vague manipulation is when your opponent has not included enough information or details in their initial post and so you have added details yourself. Only small uses of this is allowed, such uses must have a within reason outcome, information that is important must be edited in by the player whom is missing it. Should someone say they attempted to punch you and failed to specify with which fist they struck you with or where they struck you, you are free to infer both in your post. However, as an example, you may not state in your post that your opponent is naked simply because they never stated they were technically wearing clothes. You will be asked to edit.

Voiding ~ We've already referenced voids and nullification in this post so we will finally get into what this means. It essentially means that a post does not count. It is no longer relevant. A staff member reserves the right to void any post deemed void-worthy. A member may not void a post on their own. They must do so through a member of staff. If your post is voided, you do not get another chance to post again. Instead, your opponent may decide the outcome of their initial post. This means that should someone throw a punch at you and you block it, and your post gets voided, that person may state fairly that his attack made contact as your post was never made and you never blocked it. This is the only case in which auto-hitting is permitted and not considered illegal auto-hitting.

Topic Tags ~ The topic tags are rather simple and basically describe the topic briefly and effectively. In this portion of the post we will discuss all of the available tags and which ones can and can not be used. [NK] or [No Killing] makes it so that no one can kill anyone in the topic that you posted. This can not be posted anywhere outside of your home country/village/area. You are open to be killed any time you leave your home province/area. There are no [NC] or [No Combat] tags. You face the threat of combat regardless of where you go. Should your topic extend into another topic, the No Killing tag remains throughout the new topic. This is to keep someone from simply kidnapping you and starting a new topic to kill you. This is not allowed. The next tag is the [Private] tag, also known as the [P] tag. It means that only those invited or allowed to post may post in the thread that possesses the tag. Pretty self explanatory. The final tag is the [Mature] or [M] tag. It means the topic contains mature +18 material. This is not only considered inappropriate content but also, to a mild degree, technically OOC in the sense that it may not interfere with the roleplay of others and may not effect anyone who has not posted in the topic therein. With that said, you may not attack a village in a mature thread as some people may not respond simply because it's mature.
Tags may only be added after the creation of the topic with the agreement of everyone present in the topic. Furthermore, this must be done by a member of staff as to avoid violating the 'Editing' rule.

Editing ~ You may not edit your post what-so-ever unless a member of staff gives you permission. If you modify your post in any way without permission, your post will be subject to void entirely, if not worse. Please do not try to cheat your way to a win or try to edit your post and trick staff. This will be found out and amended decisively. If you are found to edit your update page improperly and blatantly using editing to gain an edge in the RP in any way, you risk your entire character being deleted and having to start as D or C class.

Logic Rules Rule ~ The logic rules rule is the rule that dictates logic as the decider of all matters not addressed by rules. If something appears to be illogical, it is likely that it is wrong. We will go through logic based on the present rules to decide certain things not covered by the rules. Staff must go on what is currently addressed in order to decide how to address situations not yet addressed. If the ruling of a staff member makes logical sense, then consider it a part of the rules. If it does not, feel free to consult a higher member of staff.

Death ~ Death will be pretty common throughout the Sosarian world. Chances are, your character will die sooner rather than later. With that said, it is important to remember that your new character may not start any higher than two class ranks below what their last character was. So, for example, if you're an Elder and you die then your new character may not start higher than a Master. This it to keep people from wanting to kill themselves and to also ensure that there are proper penalties for losing your life.

Revival ~ Being revived is a rather rare occurrence in the Sosarian world. At least, being revived properly with free will and all intact is rare. Do not expect very many people, if anyone, to revive you out of the goodness of their heart. Regardless of the technique and how it works, you may only be revived or 'brought back' in any way 10 real-time days after your death. After 10 days has passed, your character is deemed perma-dead and is not able to be resurrected as your character any longer. The methods for revival can range from bounding the person's soul to a new body, to a puppet, or even an android. You may also undergo extensively heavy medical treatment should the medical specialist be skilled enough.

Replacement Characters ~ The rules for making a character to replace your dead one, or to replace your current one in general, are similar to the second characters rules. You may not start in the same kingdom as your initial character, you may not start as the same rank as your initial character, and you may not create a copy of your dead character in any way shape or form; this also means your new character may not have any relationship with your old character unless you had a living family member NPC from your history that you would like to create as your new character. This will be allowed. This does not mean randomly come up with a distant relative, however.

Second Characters ~ You may only have up to two characters at any given time and must have two separate accounts; one for each character. Your second character may not ever interact with, fight against, or fight with your first character. They may never be in the same topic at the same time. Your second character may not be in the same kingdom, wandering (if your first character is a wanderer), or even family of your first character. No exceptions. There may not be any possible relation between them. Your second character may only start as either a neophyte or an artisan.

Conflict Resolution ~ Rather than butt heads and cause a ruckus when there is a conflict in a topic, please refrain from letting things get heated and private message a member of staff instead; preferably a B. Mod (Battle Mod) as their expertise is in that area. Once a member of staff has spoken on the matter, there is no arguing and no appeals. You must accept their decision entirely.

Invasions & Takeovers ~ First things first, you may only acquire bits of land at a time when invading or taking over a country or village. The point of this is so that instead of conquering the entire country or village all at once, you actually take out bits of their land piece by piece, realistically conquering them. When you first post the invasion or takeover, please state how much land you are attempting to take over. There are four roughly estimated sizes of land. These are: "Small, Medium, Large, and Massive." the amount of land you are trying to conquer determines many things. First of all, it determines how many enemy players may get involved to defend their land.

It also determines how long the inhabitants of that land have to respond to your invasion. Furthermore, it will dictate to the Owner about what land he should give you on the map if you succeed. Should you be going for a small plot of land, anyone affiliated with that land has 24 hours to respond to your invasion. Once someone has responded, the battle begins and the 24 hours is irrelevant. Up to 10 people may join to defend their land. This number applies to the invaders as well. If you are going for a medium plot of land, anyone affiliated with that land has 48 hours to respond to your invasion. Once someone has responded, the battle begins. Up to 15 people may join to defend or invade the land.

If you are going for a large plot of land, the defenders have up to 72 hours to respond to your invasion. Once someone has responded, the battle begins. Up to 30 people may join to defend or invade the land. Should you be gutsy enough to go for a massive plot of land, the defenders have up to one week to respond to your invasion. Once someone has responded, the battle begins. Up to 50 people may join to defend or invade the land. To keep things organized and uncluttered, the over-all battle will be divided into numerous 3v3 topics. If one side is lacking in numbers, their numbers will simply be distributed evenly. For example, if the battle is 9 against 3, then three topics of 3v1 will be created. Each topic involved in the over-all invasion must have the tag [Attack].

Random people may not join the invasion or the defensive forces. Established allies may do so, however, in order to assist their allies. If you have not established a proper relationship with that faction IC then they will not be allowed to enter the invasion topic. In order to take over a country or village, you must take over all of their remaining land bit by bit. Should you finish your fight in the battle prior to the others, you may let a member of staff know and they will distribute the people from the finished battle among the remaining battles, increasing the forces of that side.

Elaborate Takeovers ~ These are different from your regular invading and conquering conquest. In order to effectively take over an entire village, you must have the leader (or someone posing as the leader) hand over leadership of the village to you, or any variant of this. Same applies to national leaders when conquering entire countries. When conquering villages, you must also capture and/or kill the high ranking officials present in that village, as if you don't, the risk of rebellion increases significantly. If you are conquering an entire country, you must have already conquered one massive chunk of their land, three large chunks, six medium chunks, or twelve small chunks. An entire village constitutes a medium chunk. Capital villages, or former capital villages, count as a large chunk, if you choose to do it village by village rather than by chunks.

Rebellion ~ In order to start an effective rebellion you must have at least 10 player characters instigating the rebellion. If, at any time, this number falls below 10, the rebellion will begin to die down and eventually fail. Once a rebellion is properly initialized, discord will spread throughout the surrounding area and the people, including NPCs, will begin to rise up. If the rebellion lasts for two real life weeks without dwindling, it is considered a success and the land will revert to its last owner. If the current owner manages to quell the rebellion by swaying those involved or simply killing them, it will be considered a failure and will end. A rebellion may only take place in one area once every two real life weeks. So if you fail, you must wait that long before starting another one. Furthermore, a rebellion may end early if you manage to kill every enemy present in the area over the span of 72 hours. After 72 hours have passed, and there is no enemy alive in your village fighting against your rebellion, then your rebellion will be considered a success.
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Roleplay Rules
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