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 [W.I.P] Sage

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PostSubject: [W.I.P] Sage   [W.I.P] Sage I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 21, 2014 9:04 pm

Personal Information

Name: Sage
Nickname Lady Dogma  
Age: 26 {Up to 13 Starting Techquines}
Gender: Female
Race: Humanity {Human}

Appearance Information

Height: 5 feet and 4 inches tall
Weight: 116 lbs
Hair color: Scarlet
Eye Color: Brown | There are times when her eyes turn red when she gets angry.
Looks Image:
Looks Description:
Sage has a fair and smooth complexion, a courtesy of her mother's genes matched with long scarlet locks of hair that are often tied up in a loose ponytail with a few lock left dangling down to frame her face, or she keeps her hair down. Sage is known to change her hair styles off. Her eyes are lovely color of brown are framed by thick eyelashes, something of which many young men and even women have come seeking for her hand in marriage when she was old enough. She's got a slim and athletic build, her busts being of D-cup and her height being unusually tall for her age.

Personality Information

Personality Description:

Sage tends to be blunt and decisive person. Driven to get things done, she can sometimes be critical or brusque in the pursuit of a goal.  Sage is staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in her beliefs, some people said she has an unbreakable backbone because of those traits. She is a hard worker and takes a strong moral stance she particularly believes in following orders. Sage no interest in whether it is right or wrong. All she care about is executing orders from her leader or leaders. All who get in her way, Sage consider them to be her enemies. All enemies must be slain in Sage mind. That is all that matters to her. Even if they are her friends, she won't let them stop her when she has her orders. Sage does have angry issues time from time. She isn't the most patience person in the world and combine that with her short fuse and well you really don't want to know. She especially has a short fuse when dealing with people who are slobs or people who won't obey orders.

In battle, Sage is a person of incredible resolve, not hesitating to do whatever it takes to complete a mission and defeat her enemy or enemies. If her enemies try to run, she will not hesitate to chase them down unless she is order not to by her superiors. She has no problem in harming her allies she sees an chance to defeat her enemy, this does make her a bit of wild card when she is on a team. Once again at the end of the day, the most important goal in battle is to defeat your enemies even if harming allies. Sage is generally ruthless and aggressive in battle, she prefers to constantly put pressure on her enemies, not giving them a chance to respond. She does not believe in fighting fair, she will use every advantage she has to win or if she deems her opponent or opponents weak she will hold back, let them think they have a chance to defeat her before she crushes them. In battle she is usually seen with a smirk, scowl, or neutral/emotionless on her face.  


Artisan(s): Sage just has a natural attraction towards them for reason. There was even a point of her like where she want to be one herself , but due to certain events in her life that isn't possible.

Gold: She is a mercenary, she a solider of fortune.  She is person drive by making a profit. She knows that gold makes the world go around.

Sage Really Likes Her Armor: She prefers wearing actual armor over clothing, she consider it one of quirks. She just feels more confident and attractive in armor.  Her favorite armor is heavy armor due to fighting style.


Loneliness/Being Alone: Despite her altitude and 'loyalty' to others, she hates being alone.

Poor: She never wants to be poor and she isn't a huge fan of the poor.

Horrible Singers: She feels like cutting her own head off at times when she had to listen to someone who clearly has no talent when comes to singing.

Catch Phrases:

1: "This is Sosaria!" - Often use when people question her judgment, intelligence and/or sanity.

2: "This is so stupid!" - Often use when she in situation that she view as absurd, impossible, or silly. Also she tends to say this when she is getting impatient.

3: "It's Nothing Personal, It's Just Business" -  Generally used in combat when Sage is betraying her comrades, leaving them in combat, attacking her allies or if she is paid to kill someone.  

4: "Kill Confirmed/ Its Dead!" - When looking at something that dead or if she is viewing the death of something.

5: "Idiot" - She often tends to call people that when they annoyed her.

6: "Never Again" - Often use when she is making a promise towards an ally, someone she loves or herself.

7: "Greed is Good" - When talking about money.

8: "Impossible!?" - Often use when she finds herself in a hopeless situation or if she witness she didn't think was possible.

9: "Don't get in my way" - Often use to warn people if they try to stop her from completing something.

10: "I hate the loneliness but it loves me." - Often use when she is sad and/or alone. Witness the death of someone close to her.


Sage wrote:
"I have no interest in whether it is right or wrong, good or evil, just or not.  All I care about is executing orders as a captain of the mercenary group and getting paid. All who get in my way are my enemies. All enemies must be slain. That is all that matters."

Alignment Information

Nation: None
Village: Sonus Desert
Rank: Mercenary  
Alignment: A Neutral character represents Neutral on both axes, and tends not to feel strongly towards any alignment. Sage is one of these characters she has non interested in being consider good or evil, as a mercenary she only cares about getting paid, regardless of who pays hers. If one side is willing to offer her larger pay she wouldn't have any problems switching sides and stabbing her 'allies' in the back.

Abilities Information


- To Be Determined By Staff Member Grading this Application  {Aiming for Novice Class at Least | 1200G - 75 Spec Points - 1500 Stat Points} + Beta Perks: {+150 Spec Points, +500 Stat Points, and +10,000G}


- Mana {Non-Elemental}: 25
- Combat {Staff Fighting}: 100
- Combat {Swordsmanship}: 25
- Artisan {Enchanting}: 75


- Strength: 500
- Speed: 100
- Reflexes: 100
- Stamina: 1000
- Mana: 300
- Control: 100

Combat Style:

Mana Style:


Special Abilities:

[spoiler]Name: Staff Mastery
Class: Origin Roll
Type: Passive
Description: The Staff Mastery origin grants the user an extra sensory perception that allows them to detect the exact locations, movements and actions of all things within a eight meter radius of their position. This allows them to effectively use their staff to attack and defend numerous targets and attackers simultaneously without having to see them.


Silence: If Silenced, Sage the Mystic Warrior will not be able to use her mana-based skills, although it is less disadvantageous for her since she can still use melee weapons and skills.

Range-Based Opponents: Since the majority of her attack are close range (Generally within melee range or  based on length of her weapon) she tends to have trouble dealing with opponents who like to fight from vast distances.

Techniques: If Possible, I will make my starting techquines at a later date.
Inventory: {Not Sure what gear we can start out with}

Past Information


Just like all life

GOLD - The Site Economy. If Gold doesn't count as a friend, then Sage has no friends at the moment.

Roleplay Sample

It was another day scorching day in the Sonus Desert
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[W.I.P] Sage
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