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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Character Template I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2014 12:56 am


Personal Information

Name: [The name of your character goes here. First and last. This should be compliant with your race.]
Nickname [What you are known by to your friends, enemies, or to the world.]
Age: [How many years has your character been alive?]
Gender: [Male, female, or ambiguous. This is pretty self explanatory.]
Race: [What race does your character belong to? This, again, is rather simple.]

Appearance Information

Height: [How tall your character is in feet/inches.]
Weight: [How much does your character weigh in lbs.]
Hair color: [The color of your character's hair.]
Eye Color: [The color of your character's eyes.]
Looks Image:
Looks Description: [Please provide at least one paragraph describing the appearance of your character. If you do not provide a picture, please use more than one paragraph.]

Personality Information

Personality Description: [Please provide at least two paragraphs describing how your character typically acts as well as how they would act in certain situations.]
Likes: [List at least three things that your character likes or enjoys.]
Dislikes: [Please list at least three things your character dislikes.]
Catch Phrases: [Something your character says often. You can have multiple catch phrases, so list as many as you wish.]
Philosophy: [Basically describe how your character lives their life. Their core beliefs. Religious preferences can be put here.]

Alignment Information

Nation: [This is the nation that your character resides in. Please check the roleplay boards for a full list of all of the nations. Put 'None' if not any.]
Village: [Check under your nation's forum to find all of the many villages for each nation. This can be a village or 'None' if you do not reside in one.]
Job/Trade: [This is what you do to make money. You don't have to have one, but typically it helps. You can be a mercenary, a soldier, a blacksmith, a fletcher, whatever you want to be.]
Rank: [Your rank is basically where you're at with your job or trade. For example, a soldier could be a general, a commander, while a blacksmith could be a shop owner, etc.]
Alignment: [Lawful, Good, Neutral, Evil, Chaotic. Your decision.]

Abilities Information

Class: [This is how powerful your character is in general. Please keep in within your RP capability range.]
Specialties: [Please include a list of all of your specialties you wish to start with as well as how many points you're dedicating to each one.]
Stats: [List each of the stats along with how many stat points you're putting in them.]
Combat Style: [Go into great detail about what you specialize in as far as combat is concerned. This can be the use of crossbows, bows, your bare hands, gauntlets, swords, etc. These must line up with your specialties. However, you may only create combat techniques that coincide with your combat style.]
Mana Style: [Go into great detail about what you specialize in as far as mana is concerned. Explain what types of mana you use, what elements, how you use it (such as incantations or hand signs), etc. Your techniques must coincide with your mana style, so be very inclusive with it as far as what you want to do is concerned.]
Special Abilities: [List any special aspects of your character as well as fully detailed information on each one does. Special Abilities entirely up to you. Please refer to the Special Abilities Guide.]
Weaknesses: [These are things your character is poor at or incapable of. Things that could be considered weaknesses. These should supplement your special abilities.]
Techniques: [Here you may list, in spoilers of course, the techniques that you wish to start with. Please keep in mind, there is a restriction on how many you may start with. Please refer to the Class System.]
Inventory: [This is essentially the weapons and items that you wish to start with. You may only start with public items and weapons posted by staff. Please keep in mind, starting weapons and items cost gold.]

Past Information

History: [Tell us all about your character's past all the way from their birth up to present day. Describe the most important events that have occurred in their life.]
Family: [Please list all of your family members that are currently associated, or have been associated, with your character. This includes NPCs and PCs. Please specify which each is.]
Friends: [Does your character have any friends that they are really close to? List them here as well as any details you wish to add.]

Roleplay Sample

[Please provide a lengthy sample of how you role-play here. The length and quality of your role-play sample will largely determine what class you're allowed to start as.]
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Character Template
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