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 Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox]

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PostSubject: Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox]   Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox] I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 08, 2014 3:22 pm

Personal Information

Name:  Crystal Kitsune
Nickname Crystal Kitsune is known throughout the world as The Rogue Fox. Her comrades refer to her as "Kit".
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Elin [Fox]

Appearance Information

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 98 lbs
Hair color: Green
Eye Color: Red
Looks Image:
Looks Description:

Personality Information

Personality Description:
General Personality:

  • Justice
  • Combat
  • Food
  • Sleeping
  • Thinking Games
  • Animals


  • Evil
  • Elves
  • War
  • Training
  • Working

Catch Phrases:
"The Trinity Council preserves peace... I enforce it."
"I may be your captain but I don't care what you do."
"What a bother..."
"Get outta here before I have to kill you."
Philosophy: Crystal believes herself to be almost divine in nature. She feels that she was blessed with a vast intellect and combat capability that earns her the right to cast judgement on those around her. She is a strong believer in justice and the greater good, as well as the belief that in order to defeat evil, one must engage in evil acts.

Alignment Information

Nation: Kingdom of Gelu
Village: Wanderer
Job/Trade: Trinity Council
Rank: Captain of Squad Zero
Alignment: Crystal's alignment is attributable to a 'Chaotic Good' of sorts. She will do anything for the sake of greater good and sustained peace. This includes taking actions that could otherwise be deemed 'evil' or 'wicked' in nature. For example, if a race were to threaten the peace and stability of Sosaria, she would have no hesitance in deciding to wipe out said race.

Abilities Information

Class: Elder

  • Swordsmanship (Combat) - 125
  • Tactical Weaponry (Combat) - 125
  • Elemental (Mana) - 125
  • Non Elemental (Mana) - 125
  • Martial Arts (Combat) - 50


  • Strength - 500
  • Speed - 1500
  • Reflexes - 1000
  • Stamina - 400
  • Mana - 600
  • Control - 500

Combat Style: Crystal is a weaponry specialist that has mastered the usage of swords along with most tactical weaponry such as wires and explosives. That's not to say she's useless without weapons, however, as she has honed her hand to hand combat skills over the years and it has resulted in her becoming a highly skilled martial artist. She possesses a high control capability that allows her to make use of weapons with innate mana present, though she lacks much mana herself. She is also able to make use of gauntlets and other fist-based weapons. With a series of punches and kicks, she is able to deal sufficient damage to any foe willing to engage her in close quarters combat.
Magical Style: Crystal lacks an abundance of mana compared to others of her skill class and thus is widely considered 'inept' at magic. Despite this, if she is able to get her hands on an external mana supply, she possesses a masterful potential when it comes to controlling said mana. Furthermore, she has mastered the use of elemental magic, allowing her to utilize what little mana she possesses for a variety of magical techniques, initiated by incantations. Her elements include Lightning, Wind and Metal. She is also able to channel elemental magic through her weaponry without the need for incantations for class 2 and below spells.
Special Abilities:
Class 4:
Class 3:
Class 2:
Class 1:
Sword of Nobility:
Nature's Nectar:

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Posts : 150
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Character sheet
Gold: 11,000
Class: Elder
EXP: 80,000

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox]   Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox] I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 11:11 pm

Past Information

Planned Parenthood:
The Birth of a Fox:
Toddler Days:
Brother and Sorrow:
Magic Training:
Military & Trinity Council:

  • Father - Cain Kitsune [NPC - Alive]
  • Mother - Rebecca Sworn [NPC - Deceased]
  • Half-Brother - Sabo Sworn [Player - Alive]


  • Zevas - Comrade [Player - Alive]

Roleplay Sample

Umiko appeared quite different from just about every other shinobi within the vicinity, particularly those within her age range. This was primarily due to the fact that she was born with a special abnormality that caused her to stop developing at the early age of eleven years old. From then on she had retained her relatively short height, slender body type and child-like appearance. She was approximately four feet and nine inches in height and weighed roughly eighty-one pounds. Her body was still very small and appeared quite light and fragile, though that would have been no reason to doubt her enduring capabilities in combat. Her eyes were a deep golden brown that would have been quite easy to get lost in, should anyone she passed chose to glance into them.

After all, it was almost as if one were looking directly into a deep pool of caramel when one looked into Umiko's eyes. Not only were they deep and golden brown, but they shone brilliantly almost parallel in appearance to the sun. It was easy to hone in so much on the bright golden hue of her eyes that one may have neglected to pay attention to the surrounding features of her face, leading them to see nothing but gold for that brief moment that they would have become lost in her gaze. Her face was cutely shaped and relatively small as far as her forehead, nose, and chin were concerned. Her lips were full yet not too large, with a pinkish hue to them. She kept them pursed together quite tightly, in deep thought and consideration of what she would do while she was visiting this village.

Her hair, being light pink, was pure and clean in many ways. Her bangs extended down to just below her eyebrows, waving to the side so that they would not obstruct her vision. While she also had a bit of hair on either side of her head that extended down to the bottom of her neck. In the back, her hair flowed all the way down to around her waist-area. She often kept it loose and waving in the wind but today was a bit different as far as how she handled her hair was concerned. She kept the back end of her hair tied neatly into two extensive pony tails that reached all the way down to her rear. At the top of each pony tail, she kept it tied to the rest of her hair with blue ribbons, each one tied neatly and perfectly.

The fact that she was able to do her ponytails so well was a testament to how good she was at things which she did not even do very often. It was not necessarily a magnificent feat and thus served to prove very little. However, the fact alone that she was able to do it meant a lot to she herself. There was nothing else that instilled more pride in the young kunoichi than doing something she despised and actually being good at it. More shinobi should perhaps have been like her in that regard. Trying things that they ordinarily would not like and seeing just how good they could become at it. It was an excellent way to train and hone one's abilities.

Umiko's clothing and attire consisted of a loose-fitting purple shirt that hung off of one of her shoulders ever so lightly, covering everything but her upper right shoulder, forearms, hands, and neck. Every in between laid beneath the cloth of the over-sized shirt. Consisting of her lower attire was a short black skirt, purple and white stripped underwear, light purple leggings, and black sandals that extended up to her ankles. The skirt itself extended halfway down her thighs and served very little purpose as far as covering herself up was concerned. On each of her hands were black leather gloves that clung tightly to the skin of her appendages. Umiko looked around, gazing at her surroundings rather diligently as she took in everything around her visually.

She was actually on her way to the administration building to discuss a topic of utmost importance with the current Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village. Although she had yet to be given any specific details other than the fact that she was being given an assignment, she could only assume that it was something big. After all, she would usually receive her missions second hand from the Mizukage or directly from the clients themselves. Very rarely was she actually required to meet in person with the Kage of her village. With that said, she had little interactions with him throughout the past; even though he was her cousin. Indeed, both of them were of the great and noble Kokkai clan. The same blood flowed through both of their veins.

Umiko proceeded to walk casually towards the place where she would be meeting up with her cousin, the administration building; more specifically, they would be congregating in the Mizukage's office. She brought her petite hand to her face, brushing her hair gently to the side as she walked with poise and grace. One food proceeded in front of the other as they both operated to carry her body forward at a steady yet brisk pace. Any onlookers would have sworn that she were the embodiment of an angel or goddess simply by the way she carried herself. Although she looked merely eleven years old, she possessed the grace that often took lifetimes of practice to achieve. Umiko? It came naturally to her. She simply acted in the way that first came to her mind and it was almost always graceful and elegant.

She giggled gently as she started to consider the many possible assignments that she might be given upon her arrival to her cousin's office. 'One can only wonder...' she sighed, thinking to herself as the administration began to come into sight. It was not all that far away at this point, a mere two hundred meters away after all. After she took note of the guards and their status, among other factors regarding the current security of the building, she disappeared in a flash of movement as she body flickered to the entrance of the building, looking to both guards before proceeding forward. "Hello there, boys.~" she giggled as she gently pushed the door open and entered.

As she came into the building the first thing she noticed were the many doors and hallways that comprised the building. It was certainly nothing less than huge in size; especially compared to the buildings she was used to. She browsed the hallways for a good length of time before happening upon the office which she had been searching for. The kunoichi's hand instinctively reached for the doorknob but she stopped herself before her hand could make contact with the knob. 'Right... He's the mizukage, not just my cousin.' she sighed, raising her hand and knocking gently on the door. Although the knock was gentle, a heavy noise resounded down the hallway and naturally did the same within the office on the other side of the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox]   Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox] I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 12:32 am

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox]   Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox] I_icon_minitime

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Crystal Kitsune - [The Rogue Fox]
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