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 Brenin Celebrimbor WIP

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PostSubject: Brenin Celebrimbor WIP   Brenin Celebrimbor WIP I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 2:26 am

I am...

Name: Brenin Celebrimbor
Nickname Ddraig Brenin | Dragon King
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Hume

You Shall See Me As...

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Cyan
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Brenin usually wears warm clothing for his hunts may lead him to winter-filled places and cold-concealing forests, which means that warmth is a priority over comfort. His over-coat is lined with snow-white fur, leather covering the outer part of it with a runic appearance. Underneath is a vest strapped down by various leather appendages, and a dark tunic finishes off the torso underneath that. The pants are made from animal skin, allowing for sufficient warmth and boots made of the coats of smaller animals. Brenin has a rough complexion and fast-growing facial hair, usually always having a fuzzy beard. His eyes are unnaturally cyan, almost glowing in appearance but they do no actually glow. On his left hand is a scar from a brand, and whenever he uses magic it releases a cyan aura from it but that provides no purpose. The buckles on the vest are made from silver, engraved with symbols of his former home that has since been destroyed by dragons.

Listen Close Child

Personality Description: Brenin is a bitter man, even if he is quite young in age and it isn't even due to his terrible aging. Scarred from a young age, he became - to a degree - harsh in terms of how he treated life and others. He cares for nature, and even cares for the existance of dragons but he knew it wasn't their fault. Becoming a tamer, he decided he would be a tender master and would follow through to make his creatures love him, but hated the more civil beings that would have forced a mythical beast to do horrendous things. He does enjoy many things still, but socially is very distrustful but loyal once someone pierces the thick wall of his - if they do.
Likes: -Meaty Meals
-Having pets
-The art of Archery
Dislikes: - The people of the Civil domain
-Evil beings who manipulate nature
-Those who seek to corrupt mythical beasts.
Catch Phrases: "By Mulligan's Hammer..."

Alignment Information

Nation: Ignis Kingdom
Village: Wanderer, No Village
Job/Trade: Hunter/Tamer/Tanner
Rank: Expert
Alignment: Neutral Good

Abilities Information


Past Information


Roleplay Sample

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Brenin Celebrimbor WIP
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