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 Character Sheet & Updates

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Character Sheet & Updates   Sun Nov 09, 2014 9:18 am

Character Sheet

In order to create a Character Sheet you must first post a new topic, filling out the template provided below. Your first time posting, you must only fill it out with what you have from your application. You must also go ahead and subtract the proper gold from your total based on how much you start with and how much you spent on things such as origins or items. Do not change anything about your character at this point if it's not already on your application.
Character Sheet:

Character Updates

Below you may find the many templates for updating your character with new information, abilities, techniques, or items. Each template must be used for its respective purpose and if there is no template for something, then it probably can't be updated yet. Please post the filled out template as a reply in your Character Sheet and wait for a member of staff to approve it. Once the update is approved, they will update your character sheet for you. If you have any specific requirements as to how something should be added then PM the member of staff. If you're found to have edited your Character Sheet without permission, you face extreme consequences.

Information Update:
Ability Update:
Technique Update:
Inventory Update:
Transfer Update:
Origin Update:
Class Update:
Specialty Update:
Stat Update:
Companion Update:
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Character Sheet & Updates
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