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 Mission Creation

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PostSubject: Mission Creation   Mission Creation I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 10, 2014 7:30 pm

Looking to create a mission for yourself and others to complete? Please make sure that the mission is reusable. Special single-use missions will be left for staff to create. If you want to create a mission, fill out the template found at the bottom of this post in a new topic and wait for it to be approved and moved. The rewards for a mission depend on the class and over-all difficulty of the job. For every class above 5, the mission's gold reward should double, or at least be below that. Class 5 missions reward 100 gold, for example, thus a class 4 mission would reward somewhere between 101 gold to 200 gold. Alternatively, a mission can reward an item. Said item must be one class below the class of the mission or lower. There is an exception, however, for Class 1 missions which may reward up to Class 1 items.

Mission Code:

Mission Name: [What is the name of the mission?]
Class: [What rank is the mission? 5-1, 1 being the most difficult.]
Type: [What type of mission is it? Assassination, retrieval, etc.]
Reward(s): [What gold or items does the mission reward?]
Client: [Who is the client that is assigning the mission?]
IC Details: [What is the character who is performing the mission told with regards to the mission? What will he know?]
OOC Details: [What are the requirements for the mission's completion. What are any other details about the mission that the character doesn't know about?]
Alternatives: [Are there any alternative means of completing the mission? Perhaps with differing rewards?]
Requirements: [What requirements must be met to go on the mission or job?]
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Mission Creation
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