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 Special Abilities Guide

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PostSubject: Special Abilities Guide   Special Abilities Guide I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2014 1:20 pm

About Special Abilities

Special Abilities can be just about anything that makes your character unique. It can be the fact that they have a demon inside of them, they can be a combination of two races, perhaps even mixed with an angel or of demonic origin. So long as your special ability or characteristic falls in line with our rules and systems, it will generally be allowed. Special Abilities can also be simple aspects of your character, things they've trained or honed, such as quick hands, superb reflexes, tough skin, things of that nature that would ordinarily be considered small and simple enhancements. You may only have one special ability without a weakness to balance it out. This one special ability may only be up to class 2.

Special Ability Classes

Just like most aspects of this RPG, special abilities are ranked by classes ranging from 3 to 1. 5 is the weakest and simplest while 1 is the strongest and most influential special abilities. In this part of the guide, we will discuss what exactly constitutes what class. This will include special abilities along with weaknesses, because keep in mind, for every class 3 special ability, you have to have a class 3 weakness. Your weaknesses must balance out your special abilities in some way. Class 3 special abilities, should they boost a stat, may only boost one stat for 50 points max. Class 2 special abilities may only boost one stat for 100 points max or two for 50 points each. A class 1 special ability may only boost one stat for 150 stats, 2 for 75 stats each, or 3 for 50 stats each.

Two Class 3 = One Class 2. Two Class 2 = One Class 1. Thus, four Class 3 = One Class 1. This is how things will be calculated. If you have a Class 1 special ability, you must have four Class 3 weakness, two Class 2 weaknesses, one Class 1 weakness, or any combination of these. There are also certain things called 'partial stat boosts' as having higher speeds when using your hands but not your feet. These can be higher than the max stat boost of the class and are essentially considered less than a full stat boost. Things like having a demon inside of you, an extra element, more specialty points due to special training, and things of that nature will generally be Class 1. Though more specialty points will depend on how many you're looking to start with. Any other special abilities will depend on your own creativity and your own judgement, to be approved or judged by staff.

Special Abilities & Weaknesses Template

Each special ability and weakness in your application must use the following template for each one. If you do not use it, your application will be asked to be modified with this template added for each one. The template can be found below with help in brackets along with the code underneath it.

Name: [What is the name of the sa or weakness?]
Class: [What is the class (3-1) of the sa or weakness?]
Type: [Passive, Activated or Instanced. Passive is constantly active. Activated must be initiated in some way. Instanced is activated by something specific occurring.]
Description: [Describe the special ability in great detail.]

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Special Abilities Guide
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