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 Conquest of Sosaria - [Book 1]

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PostSubject: Conquest of Sosaria - [Book 1]   Conquest of Sosaria - [Book 1] I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2014 7:14 pm

A.B. = After the Beginning. After the beginning of Sosaria. After it's creation. No one truly knows how Sosaria came to be or who caused it to come to be. All that is known is roughly when time began and that it was almost immediately kept track of by the first race, the True Sosarians. A.E. = After the End. After the apparent death of the last True Sosarian and the disappearance of the Fallen Sosarians. Any year that comes before "AB" or "AE" is how many years after the point described the year is. Thus, "366 AB" would be 366 years after the creation of Sosaria.

In the beginning there were five races that inhabited Sosaria. These beings consisted of the Humans, the Elves, the Elins, the Fallen Sosarians and the True Sosarians. The True Sosarians were said to predate all other races that currently lived in Sosaria, closely followed by what are now known as the Fallen Sosarians. Both races were praised as extremely powerful and wise beings that could control the very forces of nature itself, thus considered gods in their own right. Many races came to worship these beings in large groups, designating temples and shrines to the race they wished to please the most. This was due to the fact that the 'gods' were each jealous of one another and war between them was rampant in the early days of Sosaria, even fighting amongst their own race was a common occurrence.

67 AB: It was only a matter of time before each race became unified, however, each under four rulers. The True Sosarians were united under the gods of Decorus (Nobility), Gloria (Honor), Opes (Wealth) and Pacem (Peace). On the opposing side, the side of the Fallen Sosarians, they were led by Fames (Famine), Bellum (War), Victoria (Conquest) and Mortem (Death). Each side fought for many centuries with the other, more feeble races taking massive casualties as collateral. Many great statues and offerings were made to each side by the races, with the humans and elins siding with the True Sosarians and the elves siding with the Fallen Sosarians. Every village of every kingdom worked tirelessly to provide the best offering they could so that they could please their 'gods' and be kept safe and far from each battle.

This worked for several decades. The Great Sosarians, a name given to describe both True and Fallen Sosarians, left the more wealthy villages and kingdoms alone and would do their best to maintain battle elsewhere, outside of the kingdom that gave the best offering. Because of this, many of the less wealthy kingoms and villages were crushed and devastated by the War for Sosaria. The Great Sosarians continued their conquest, attempting to capture as much land and territory from one another as possible, completely disregarding the boundaries of the other race's kingdoms entirely. As far as the Great Sosarians were concerned, they were small and feeble races that could be dealt with later. They each had a greater foe to fight. Each of the humans, elins and elves believed their gods would spare them and that their gods were good. However, in the end, both races wished to conquest the entire world and enslave all other races.

164 AB: The majority of the other races' kingdoms had become desolate wastelands, leaving a mere few kingdoms standing. These were the kingdoms of Ignia, Gelu, Terra, Aquar and Auran. Ignia and Terra were controlled by two completely different sects of humanity while Gelu was controlled by the elins, and Auran and Aquar were controlled by the elves. These kingdoms were mostly spared while the Great Sosarians battled one another for several more decades, attempting to wrestle control of Sosaria from one another. However, this could not go on forever for the number of Great Sosarians were finite. They could not simply reproduce as the other races did. They were eternal, immortal beings that did not age nor grow ill. They were able to be killed, however.

196 AB: The last True Sosarian, other than the four leaders, had fallen at the feet of Death. Death had led an army of the last remaining Fallen Sosarians (other than the leaders) against the True Sosarians and had succeeded in decimating the entire army of the True Sosarians. Even Death, the most powerful and skilled of the Fallen, knew that he could not defeat the four great leaders of the True Sosarians. Thus he retreated for the time being to make plans with the other leaders of the Fallen. In this time, the True Sosarians realized what would happen and were prepared to make a final world-changing decision. Peace used her massive supply of mana to create a set of weapons deemed 'The 6 Arms of Truth'. Each one possessed mighty power and abilities that far exceeded that of what any other race, outside of the Great Sosarians, could imagine. The 6 Arms of Truth were cast all across the lands of Sosaria for any race to take, hoping that one day when the Fallen would attempt to conquer Sosaria that the other races would have the power to fight back. For if the True Sosarians could not have Sosaria, they would not allow it to be trampled by the Fallen.

198 AB: The True Sosarians were pushed to the edge of what was once the Kingdom of Pratum. They had no where left to retreat to. Honor had given his life to spare his brothers and sisters, even if it were for a mere several days that they lived on. The four leaders of Fallen proceeded to slaughter the last of the True Sosarians, laying waste to them in a final battle that drew on for numerous days. However, once the True Sosarians were defeated the balance of mana in Sosaria shifted dramatically, creating a vast number of portals called 'relics' that opened to other realms. One such relic drew in the last four Fallen Sosarians into another realm, leaving only the three races of humanity, elins, and elves. Things stayed like this for a brief amount of time, however.
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Conquest of Sosaria - [Book 1]
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