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 Return of the Fallen - [Book 2]

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PostSubject: Return of the Fallen - [Book 2]   Return of the Fallen - [Book 2] I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2014 7:32 pm

1-16 AE: With the sudden appearance of relics all across Sosaria, a large multitude of different races not only from across the universe but also from across realms were transported to Sosaria. These races also came from war torn worlds where the balance of mana had been disturbed or altogether disrupted. Something about a disruption in the balance of mana caused the very universe to open relics to draw in and out mass numbers of races in an attempt to balance itself. This ended in the year 16 AE, however, with the last relic closing. Over the years many other races were drawn into Sosaria, including feathery winged beast-like beings deemed angels and leathery winged demonic beings deemed demons. The majority of these new races and beings lacked sentience and the knowledge that the other races possessed. However, some were even more intelligent or more powerful than any race in Sosaria could imagine.

17-105 AE: The new and old races battled for dominance for nearly a century until finally the kingdoms were established, as were the boundaries and territories of each kingdom. Ignia was now the only kingdom that humanity had in its possession, while elins maintained control of Gelu. Elves were able to hold onto Auran but lost Aquar. Terra came to be dominated by Amani while Aquar came to be controlled by the Baraka. The Castanics scavenged a large portion of the left over, desolate land and formed Pratia, a new kingdom in place of the Pratum of history.

116 AE: Relics had, for the most part, ceased to appear and all seemed right with the world. The races had settled in and everyone traded, importing and exporting resources. Mana had become a key part of living in Sosaria, humanity having learned how to utilize it from observing the True Sosarians. They spread their knowledge of mana throughout the land, allowing all races to learn how to use their own mana. However, each civilization and culture was different and thus many races developed different ways of utilizing mana; original, unique ways. This peace did not last, however, as natural disasters suddenly became a common occurrence, just as they were in the days of the Great Sosarians. Relics suddenly began to appear once more, this time taking usurping many minor races from their homes. Only one conclusion could be drawn... The Fallen had returned. A ship that had been nearly torn to pieces docked at Aquar, telling tales of how those aboard the ship had witnessed a magnificent being out at sea. Though slow, it was making its way towards Sosaria... Word spread of this and only the original three races knew what this being was. Word got around and all races feared what was to come, as they prepared for the beginning of Armageddon... Conquest...
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Return of the Fallen - [Book 2]
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