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 The Great Sosarian Pantheon

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True Sosarians

Decorus (Nobility)

The Great Sosarian Pantheon CPMBkDE
Decorus, dubbed the Sosarian of 'Nobility' by humanity, is as her human-given name would lead you to believe. She act in a nature that comes naturally to that of nobles. She is very prideful in everything she does and possesses great knowledge and intellect that exceeds that of all other Sosarians. This has led her to be exceptionally skilled with mana and actually was the first being to ever utilize 'magic'. The majority of magical teachings passed down throughout Sosaria descends from observing the practices of Decorus, said to be the Goddess of Magic. Decorus was the last to die against the Fallen, refusing to die until she had exhausted the last of her mana.

Gloria (Honor)

The Great Sosarian Pantheon NdNDIPC
Gloria, dubbed the Sosarian of 'Honor' by the humans, is ironically far from honorable, at least, until her death. Gloria lived a life of practicing mysterious and shady arts dubbed 'Ninjutsu'. It involved the use of hand signs to perform mana-based techniques that would often be used for stealth, traps, detecting enemies, and other things of those natures. Gloria receives the name of "Honor" mainly due to her decision to give up her life in order for the other three True Sosarians to live on, even if it were only temporary. Gloria is widely considered the Goddess of Ninjutsu, having taught it to minor great sosarians that fought under her command. These great sosarians, in turn, taught it to several elins who in turn shared and passed down these teachings.

Opes (Wealth)

The Great Sosarian Pantheon 4120fqJ
Opes, dubbed 'Wealth' by humanity, is given his name based on his composition of precious metals and materials. Some of the materials that constituted Opes' body were said to be worth billions of gold. Opes practiced a form of combat that was exceptionally unique. He utilized advanced technology that was far ahead of anything else possible in Sosaria at the time. Although the majority of his technology was lost with his death, humanity was able to scavenge his remains and develop particularly useful devices. Opes is considered the God of Technology. Though all the technology he used was mana-powered and likewise is all technology utilized in Sosaria presently.

Pacem (Peace)

The Great Sosarian Pantheon DhPKVJq
Pacem, dubbed "Peace" by humanity, is given his name primarily because he is believed to be cause of peace in the future. Prophecy foretells that the races will band together with the use of The Six Arms of Truth and defeat the Fallen Sosarians once they return to Sosaria. Because Pacem left the Six Arms of Truth to the races, he is widely considered the Sosarian of Peace. Pacem was a master of all forms of weaponry and close quarters combat, despite lacking any real ability as far as mana-based techniques were concerned, as compared to the other Sosarians. He is widely considered the God of Combat, ironically contrary to his other nickname Sosarian of Peace.

Fallen Sosarians

Victoria (Conquest)

The Great Sosarian Pantheon VlJ54tk
Victoria, dubbed the Sosarian of Conquest, is the weakest of the four Fallen Sosarian leaders. However, his tactical capabilities put him on a whole nother level from your typical Sosarian. He was able to command massive legions of great sosarians on the battle field, communicating with them through an unknown method individually. His ability to split processes in his mind and handle multiple situations individually, simultaneously, made him the greatest tactician to ever live. He is widely considered the God of Tactics. Victoria possesses vast intellect, mana capacity, and mana control; but is lacking in strength, speed. Victoria does, however, possess the highest reflexes of all of the Fallen Sosarians.

Bellum (War)

The Great Sosarian Pantheon SqM5PMb
Bellum, also known as the Sosarian of War, was an extremely violent and brutal warlord who did not particularly care for rules and guidelines. All that mattered to Bellum was, as always, achieving victory. The means of achieving that victory was irrelevant. Although Bellum had a superb intellect, it paled in comparison to that of Conquest, and because he lacked the mana capacity and control of other Fallen Sosarians, he was incapable in mana-based techniques entirely. Bellum excelled, however, in strength; in fact, Bellum remains the strongest Sosarian to ever live. His speed is average compared to other Fallen Sosarians but his reflexes are almost as great as that of Conquest's. Bellum is considered the God of War by most.

Fames (Famine)

The Great Sosarian Pantheon Nk4d2Wa
Fames, also known as the Sosarian of Famine, is given his name because of the way he carried out war operations. His strength, speed, and reflexes were all lacking but his mana capacity and control were superb. He used this great potential with mana-based techniques to control the flow of nature itself, often sending entire tornadoes towards his opponents. His magical might is certainly the greatest aspect of Famine, though he is given his name due to his powers often resulting in the destruction of crops and other goods in the kingdoms that he fought near, thus causing famine in that kingdom. Fames had near complete control over the elements and nature itself, earning him the name "God of Nature".

Mortem (Death)

The Great Sosarian Pantheon Pl8ifnV
Mortem was the most powerful of all Fallen Sosarians, though lacked any real motive of her own. Mortem's only intent was always to kill any living thing that was not a Fallen Sosarian. How this was carried out was irrelevant, simply killing them sufficed. Anything that would result in the death of those she wished to kill would suffice. Despite this aspect of her, she possesses intelligence and reflexes comparable to Conquest, strength comparable to Bellum, speed that out-classes any other Great Sosarian and mana capacity and control that makes her highly fearsome in combat. She remains one of the greatest and most powerful beings to ever come from Sosaria. She is referred to simply as the "Goddess of Death".
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The Great Sosarian Pantheon
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