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 Kingdom of Ignia

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Kingdom of Ignia SV5uk0G
The Kingdom of Ignia is a large island kingdom found in the northwest of Sosaria. The Kingdom of Ignia is covered with densely forested trees and other vast numbers of plant life that are unique to the kingdom. Among the numerous volcanoes that dot the landscape are many mythical beasts, such as dragons, that roam the island. The Kingdom of Sosaria is comprised of a diverse number of villages, each village uniquely designed and built with its own origins and culture.

The government of the Kingdom of Ignia is a monarchy and thus ruled by a royal family. Although there are numerous other government positions, the leadership itself consists of the King and Queen, along with whatever children their bear who retain the title of princes and princesses. The king holds the most authority in the entire Kingdom of Ignia and acts as the legislative, executive and judicial authority in the kingdom. He sets the laws, carries out punishments and discerns guilt. The total population of the Kingdom of Ignia is estimated at roughly 300,000, with roughly 76% being human or half human, 8% being elves, 9% being Amani, and 7% being Baraka.

The Kingdom of Ignia has a powerful and mighty navy and is widely considered the greatest kingdom as far as naval power is concerned. The Kingdom of Ignia has a rich culture oriented around the element of fire.

Of course, there must be a powerful navy protecting and defending the Kingdom of Ignia from foreign invaders and attackers. Not only is the naval power of Ignia known for it's strategic and brute tatics, it possess enough man power to create it's own kingdom! The population of Ignia naval is registered to be in the hundreds! To lead it, is the King and his 4 Royal Advisers. Each Royal Adviser is said to be equal in power to that of a Grandmaster, and possess enough power to take down cities! They themselves talk and converse with the King, often joining him and his family in dinners. Under the Royal Advisers are the 16 Royal Captains, and they are equal in power to that of Elders. They are very powerful indeed, possessing power to take down armies. The Royal Advisers rarely have to fight, as the 16 powerful Royal Captains can finish the job. Under the 16 Royal Captains are the 32 Royal Soldiers. They possess the power equal to that of a Expert, but are proven to not be taken lightly! They are just beginning to study two mana-based arts, making them powerful in their own means. These Royal Soldiers have stood out in the Royal School, ranking top in their classes. Below them, are Royal Knights, who not only have just started out, but have failed the test to become a Royal Soldier. The Royal Knights have no maximum number.

How does one become apart of the Royal Ignia Army? Well, first they must apply at Royal School. Here, warriors learn to fight for the King and Ignia, as they attend many classes from mathematics to mana manipulation. The school does not take on just anyone, but those with immense potential and the will to protect the King. When it is time, students take an exam to become one of the 32 Royal Soldiers. This not only makes a name for them, but allows them to meet the other fighters in the King's Royal Army. Those who fail still attend the school, but train to take the test once again. These students can be called upon in war too fight for the Kingdom, and maybe even make a name for themselves. To become a higher rank, a fighter must be acknowledge by the King and/or pass the exam to rank up. An easy and but looked down upon way too rank up also includes beating and/or killing a fighter in a higher rank then you. However, this is not only frowned upon, but very very rare.
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Kingdom of Ignia
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