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 Cinia Pacifica WIP

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PostSubject: Cinia Pacifica WIP   Cinia Pacifica WIP I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 14, 2014 8:54 pm

Personal Information

Name: Lady Cynthia Alexandria Pacifica
Nickname  Cinia, Alex
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Race: Elf

Appearance Information

Height: 5'7
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Pink  
Looks Image:

Looks Description:

Seductive is definitely a good word to describe Cinia's overall appearance, having designed herself to induce attraction in both males and females. Everything to do with how she looks is important to her, wearing clothes that are more stylish and colorful. Due to her rather tall stature for a female, she is very noticeable in a crowd, much to her evident enjoyment, being the centre of attention, though that could be attributed to her various other 'attributes' also. Her manner of speaking is incredibly alluring and suggestive, a rather rich tone and drawn out syllables in addition to her uh... 'feisty' nature.

Her features very hold an allusive charm to them, with perfectly smooth pale skin on a slender and curvaceous build with incredibly large breasts, the subject of many jealousies and admiration. Her eyes are colored a deep pink with a bright twinkle in it's depths, the twinkle of a youthful feeling, joy. Her usual expression is fixed into one of passive bliss, ignorant of all the troubles around her, in her own little peaceful world, which somehow adds to her beauty it seems. Her hair is a measure of her vain pride, being smooth silk to the touch and colored with the illustrious beauty of the sun, bright blonde locks flowing like a golden waterfall. Her hair style has changed numerous times during her many years, starting during her younger years, at which time it was styled in a rather short bob framed around her face loosely. As she grew, she changed it to a flowing fall of water-like hair, falling lightly around her face and shoulders, which bounces around as if it were nothing but fluffy wool.

Personality Information

Personality Description:
Catch Phrases:

Alignment Information


Abilities Information

Combat Style:
Mana Style:
Special Abilities:

Past Information


Roleplay Sample

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Cinia Pacifica WIP
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