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 Bosco Tribun - WIP

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Bosco Tribun

Bosco Tribun

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PostSubject: Bosco Tribun - WIP   Bosco Tribun - WIP I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 9:00 am

Personal Information

Name: Bosco Rufio Tribun
Nickname Scourge of Terra, Commander Tribun, Pirate Lord Bosco, Second Coming of Mortem
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Race: Amani

Appearance Information

Height: 8'0 ft
Weight: 311 lbs
Hair color: Black [No one knows how he got hair.]
Eye Color: Copper
Looks Image:
Looks Description:
Physical Description:
Formal Attire:
Work Attire:
Casual Attire:
Alternative Attire:

Personality Information

Personality Description:
View of World:
View of Family:
View of Love:
View of Friends:
View of Enemies:
View of Magic:
View of Technology:
View of Gods:
Females -
Power -
Fighting -
Adventure -
Exploration -
Deceit  -
Intimacy -
Hedonism -
Piracy -
Authority -
Terra -
Lawful Good Characters -
Lawful Evil Characters -
Guards -
Kidnappers -
Overly Sensitive People -
Cowards -
Harlots -
Catch Phrases: "The thrill of adventure leads to dangerous results, I crave this." | "I will not hesitate to ease your suffering, permanently." | "For her, everything."
Philosophy: Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate.

Alignment Information

Nation: Wanderer
Village: None
Job/Trade: Blacksmith's Assistant
Rank: Personal Bodyguard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Abilities Information

Class: Grandmaster
Swordsmanship - 125 - Rank 1
Martial Arts - 125 - Rank 1
Medical - 125 - Rank 1
Illusionary - 125 - Rank 1
Animal lore - 125 - Rank 1
Strength - 1200 [Two Tons]
Speed -700 [1085 mph]
Reflexes - 700
Stamina - 700
Mana - 700
Control - 700
Combat Style: As the descendant of her most foul and wickedly destructiveness, Mortem, it is clear that a fighting style that honors her developed within the psyche of the young pirate lord. He was always aware of his tainted blood, but hoped that it was never going to surface within him. It unfortunately did so subtly. As a fighter in Death's service, he moves as though he is guided by her very hand. Calculated, unpredictable, and fierce. He seems to combat in a graceful nature due to his days on the high-seas, but with both his martial prowess and keen sense of swordplay backed up by his monstrous power, he tends to leave his opponents bloody stains upon the ground. Because of his style of combat, he often sways a lot when engaging an enemy, his aura is off putting and malicious intent can be felt fuming off his blade despite the fact that it really isn't there. To put it simply, he is a complete and utter predator when fighting, using his strengths to overcome his weaknesses and put down his opponents. He is so monstrous, and elegant, when fighting that it is easy to confuse him for an exotic predatory animal.
Mana Style:  ---
Special Abilities: ---
Weaknesses:  ---
Techniques:  ---
Inventory: ---

Past Information

Second Coming:
Military Expedition:
Cave of Wonders:
Betrayal at Fort Marrow:
He who Slaughters:
Reconciliation pt. 1:
Reconciliation pt. 2:
Maiden Voyage:
Blood and Silver:
Homage to Opes:
He who Suffers:
The Blacksmith:
Road to Fortune:

Galileo Tribun - Father () - Dead -
Filial Tribun - Mother () - Dead -
Bernadette Tribun - Sister - () - Alive -
Lazaro Tribun - Brother () - Dead - Lazaro Tribun was the favorite son of  Galileo Tribun, a war hero of the Kingdom of Terra. Lazaro was in every way the perfect son. Strong, fast and intelligent. There was little that Lazaro couldn't accomplish, and much that he could excel at. He was the eldest child, and as a result he took on most of the responsibilities that his aging father couldn't. Lazaro was considered to be quite handsome, and he seemed to have many females who wished to wed him, despite the fact that his family wasn't as prestigious and powerful as the young lad's stance boasted. It is known that Lazaro was quite incestuous, as he was disowned from his family for impregnating his mother, Filial. Their relationship is one of the factors that led to the great Tribun Bonfire.
Umiko - Boss | Crush - () - Alive -
Symphony - Lover | Friend - () - Alive -
Clayton Eddington - Best Friend - () - Alive - Clayton "No Strings" Eddington is one of the fiercest pirates the world has ever known, he is considered to be a master tactician and was the original first mate of the Forlorn Dragons. Currently he serves as their leader, after his best friend, Bosco Tribun, retired from the life of piracy with their flagship, Leviathan's Maw. Only the strongest of men work for him, and he is rumored to still have contact with Bosco, as well as know the whereabouts of the man. Most people who see Clayton are typically killed due to the fact that he isn't that sociable. His son, Belladona Camel, is unaware that he is indeed his father.  
Lazaro Tribun - Brother - () - Dead - Lazaro is the creator, founder, and original captain of the Forlorn Dragons. At a point he was very close with his younger brother, until he was gutted and left out to bake in the sun by a rival pirate faction. Or so the legend goes. In truth, the rage of young Bosco was unquenchable until the death of Lazaro. Upon his death it seemed that Bosco was the natural fit for leader, something that Bosco had dreamed about for a majority of his time being a member of the Forlorn Dragons. It is said that Lazaro was highly jealous of the relationship that his younger brother held with his first mate, Clayton Eddington, and conspired to kill the man. As a result of this action Bosco had no choice but to take power from his brother by butchering him. An event that Bosco is ashamed of being apart of, or at least that is what people believe.
Forlorn Dragons - Old Crew - () -  Alive - The Forlorn Dragons were one of the largest navel privateer companies in the world, they made up for nearly sixty four percent of all crime on the high seas around the end of the worlds last great war, This is due to the fact that the Forlorn Dragons is a multiracial conglomerate of post-war veterans who banded together to sustain themselves when their countries chose not too. Recent activity suggests that they have splintered into numerous small sea-raider and pirate groups after their leader, Bosco Tribun, decided to vanish off the face of the earth. Shrinking from four-hundred eighty men to a measly twenty seven. Although not a massive force as they once were in their prime, the crew is still considered to be one of the fiercest pirate factions that exist in the world, and was at one time the most feared entity on the seas. Currently they are stationed off of a undisclosed grotto located in the Aes Isle.

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Bosco Tribun - WIP
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