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 Symphony Nyx wip

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PostSubject: Symphony Nyx wip   Symphony Nyx wip I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 12:39 pm

Personal Information

Name: Symphony Nyx
Nickname Grimm Reaper or just Grimm
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Elven

Appearance Information

Height: 5'4
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair color: Pink
Eye Color:  Blue
Looks Image:
Looks Description:
It's clear when one looks at Symphony that she is from a upbringing fit for royalty or extreme discipline. Before her physical appearance can be explained it is always noted that her body language is what stands out the most. Symphony stands tall and no matter whom she looks at it always seems that she is looking down on them even when she must look up to see anyone. Her posture never falters and it is one that commands respect. Her back is straight with her chin always slightly up and out, not so much too seem like she is challenging anyone but enough to show that she is in complete control. When she walks she takes long strides that are well grounded and precise, graceful and calculating . It's because of her outstanding form that her true beauty shines.

Symphony facial appearance is in her honest opinion the second thing others see when they look at her. She has creamy vanilla colored skin that show no visible scars or blemishes. Her skin is also soft to the touch and lets off a light clean scent at all times. Her face is oval shaped and on her face she holds one pair of clear blue eyes, over her eyes are neat eyebrows which arch seductively. Symphony's eyes hold a kind gaze to them even when she is angry her eyes never seem to harbor it. Just below her eyes is a small, sharp, and slightly upturned nose. Her lips are rose pink in color and soft to the touch with her top and bottom lip being plump. She wears no make up on her face and has a natural glow to her.

Her dna background has blessed Symphony with soft pink locks which shines beautifully no matter what the light ( or lack of ). She rarely if ever styles her hair and lets it fall down neatly, stopping just below her calves.  Neat bangs swoop to one side or the other ( depending on how she does this ) while longer strands fall just above her breast. Her hair curls ever so lightly at the ends. Symphony dislikes cutting her hair but does so to maintain her neatly trimmed ends. Symphony rarely if ever lets anyone touch her hair, seeing this as a very intimate thing and would rather no one at all had done so.

Strikingly adorable Symphony seems to fill the role of the " Kind yet very cute girl " in terms of looks. Capturing the attention of females, while drawing males towards her like a moth to flame. Standing at a height of five feet and four inches and weighing in at one hundred and fifteen pounds, Symphony frame is rather curvy with nothing being small nor too large. Underneath her clothing one can clearly tell that she keeps herself fit. Her body is toned though not overly muscular yet with obvious signs that she has a rather rigorous training regime. Her arms and legs are slender with her legs being just a bit thicker around the thigh area. Her waist nips in and her hips flare out giving her a hourglass figure, though on slightly more petite scale, only giving her a more youthful appearance. Her hands are small and her fingers are long though delicate while her nails are always neatly done in a perfect manicure.

Personality Information

Personality Description:

A wolf dressed in sheep's clothing is really hitting it on the nail on the head when describing Symphony as a person. Symphony is as sweet as honey, and possibly sweeter which makes her almost impossible to swallow. Because of her up bringing she has not experienced hardships nor strife and has been raised to be Loyal, Just, and overall honorable. Because of this she simply cannot understand what it is to suffer and when she sees those who do suffer she cannot help but to want to help them. She is not one to judge others no matter who they may be or what they have done.

Symphony is rainbow of emotions and she will let you know how she feels. Weather it be angry, happy, sad, or confused her body language speaks volumes and her tone of voice can always give her away. She is a very open book and it's not hard to tell when she is one way or another. Most of the time she is quite cheerful but it doesn't take very much to upset or sadden her. Symphony is a very sensitive person and can be triggered with ease. When praised she becomes ecstatic when scolded or teased she becomes depressed, there is no middle ground when it comes to her.  

Symphony can be seen as a naive child. Even though she is well into her young adult years she does not understand some rather simple though slightly adult concepts. This puts her at odds when she sees public displays of affection. It often makes her look away simply because she does not know what is going on. Because she is breaking into the hormonal stage this action usually follows deep blushing not of her own accord. Growing up one would think certain things are explained to her but the story of the birds and the bees have not been told and so she still has the mind of a child on that subject altogether. This brings us to how she approaches the opposite gender.

These things are to an extent true but underneath that soft fur is sharp cunning fangs. Symphony may have been raised a certain way but she quickly found out that her upbringing was meant to hide something much more sinister. Symphony deep down is a very conniving and ambituius young female with her only motivation in life is to live it the absolute fullest while leaving a mark so big that when she dies she'll still be remembered, weather it be for good or bad. One can never really tell what direction Symphony will take, but one thing's for certain she is better as a friend then an enemy.

+Her freedom.
+Meeting new people and different races.
+ Loyalty
-Anyone who is Bias
-Pointless Violence
- Disrespect

Catch Phrases: None
Philosophy: They only care about you when you die..So make then remember while your still alive.

Alignment Information

Nation: Wanderer
Village: Wanderer
Job/Trade: None
Rank: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral  

Abilities Information

Class: Expert
* Illusions - 25
* Inscriptions - 25

* Swordsmanship -50

*Animal Lore - 25
*Animal Taming- 25

*Enchanting- 25
*Culinary Arts - 25

* Strength - 100
* Speed - 550
* Reflexes - 550
* Stamina -  550
* Mana - 400
* Control  - 100

Combat Style:
Symphony is what some would call a " speed demon ". What she lacks in physical strength she makes up for in speed and reflexes. She is quick to close the distance between her and the opponent. Confusing while striking as she wields her scythe, her preferred blade with precision and unorthodox ways. She enjoys overwhelming her opponent and hitting weak spots, cutting tendons and ligaments she is very familiar with the anatomy of most if not all the races.
Mana Style:
Special Abilities:

Past Information

Birth { AE:93 } - 10 years { AE:103 }
Symphony was born to in a time of change, when the war for dominance had begun to come to an end. She would be a victim of the war as her father, a general fell in what would be the last war for the elves. Her mother had died giving birth to her because of the stress of losing her husband and the stress of having her child. Symphony was born as an orphan and because no one cared for those types was placed into a orphanage that also served as a main point for training young parentless elves.


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Symphony Nyx wip
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