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 Armando Luna

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PostSubject: Armando Luna    Armando Luna  I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 1:45 pm

Personal Information

Name: Armando Luna
Nickname AjLuna
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Elin (Shark)

Appearance Information

Height: 5"7'
Weight: 140
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Browm
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Armando is a young boy of eighteen of the elin race. He is slightly smaller than most male of his race and more lean the buff but that have to do with his animal counterpart. As a part shark he has scale covering his arms and leg that is nearly naked to the eyes, only showing in the right light. His eyes are different then others as the pupil are ovals rather than round. His skin is tan with a light blue coloring. A shark fin is near the top of his back. His usually clothing are a black tanktop with with dark blue pants with white bubbles on them.

Personality Information

Personality Description: Armando is, for a lack of better word, a broken mask. He has no idea who he is and how he should act. If one should talk to him they would get weirded out due to him being blunt and emotionless. It only when doing something he likes that the briefest of emotion show in his face. Because of this he is seen as a cold person with no remorse. A helpful thing in a battle or conformation but not so in a social event.
Likes: Bodies of Waters, Animals, hunting, swimming, playing music
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, Fires, Mystery, noise
Catch Phrases:
"This does not amuse me"
"Don't make me bit you"
"Fish are friends, not foood."
Philosophy: Armando believe that the elements are alive and he was chosen as the avatar of water. His life goal is to find the other four “avatars” and to spread out the word of the elements.

Alignment Information

Nation:  Glu(Traveler)
Village: N/A
Job/Trade: Hunter
Rank: Novice
Alignment: Chaos Good; Armando would do anything to help someone. Even if it mean killing the problem in the first place. He fellows the rules of the land but known once in awhile they must be bend to help someone.

Abilities Information

Class: Novice
Elemental (mana): 100
Archery (Combat): 125
Strength - 250
Speed - 400
Reflexes - 250
Stamina - 200
Mana - 500
Control - 500
Combat Style: As a hunter Armando usually fights away from his target. Keeping them in site, he use his bow and arrows to aim for the kills points. He tends to rarely get up close and personal but would if he have to.
Mana Style: As a child of oceans, Armando would use his mana to control the water around him. His favorite thing to do are entrapping his enemy and drowning them. He also use his mana to enforce most of his arrow with the element of water. Yet all of this cant be done without him activating his power by calling out a phase and its name.
Special Abilities:

Name: Child of the Ocean
Class: Origin
Type: Passive
Description: As the Child of the Ocean Armando is granted a mastery over water in general. He also able to survive underwater without breathing, see clearly through even the murkiest of waters plus able to swim at phenomenal speeds through the water. His speed, when submerged, is increased by 500 stat points

Name: Rain Runner
Class: 2
Type: Active
Description: When under rain, Armando gains a plus 100 in speed as his control
over water let the rain help move faster.

Weaknesses: N/A

Name: Water Arrow
Incantation: Appeared and take shape, Water Arrow
Class: 4
Type: Mana
Sub-Type: Offensive
Element: Water
Availability: Open
Elemental 50
Description: Armando use his mana to creates a arrow out of water in the air. He then able to shoot it from the air toward the enemy. One shot, it can't be turn or call back. Move at 20% of the control stat.
Training: 250
Cost: 30 mana

Name: Awaken: Water Avatar
Incantation: Invoke the contract, Awakening
Class: 2
Type: Mana
Sub-Type: Offensive/Support
Elemental: 100
Availability: By Request
Description:Armando, after saying “Invoke the contract, Awakening”, is surround by water which takes the shape of a humanoid dragon. In this form he gains a 50 point to his control and strength but his current speed is cut by 100. Do to the pure manifestation of the form, he must spend 50 mana points per post for the upkeep. Unfortunately, his Child of the Ocean speed boost does not active while in this form.
Training: 1000
Cost: 200 mana plus 50 mana for upkeep


Name: Irite Longbow
Type: Bow
Specialties: Archery
Warning Big Pic, look at you own risk:
A regular long bow made out of Irite stone for it base. It has been inscribe with armando last name of the base. The string has been color red and blue.
Class: 3
Special Abilities: Waterproof: The bow was in fuse with small water magic, letting all arrow that are shot from it workable underwater. Shot arrows at 50% of current speed.
Origin: The irite longbow was a old weapon founded though out the ages. It’s commonly use for archer who value long shooting area rather than power. It is usually for advance archer with high strength due to how hard it is to string an arrow back and aiming the bow at the same time. An common accident for overachiever who use these without experience is shooting at the wrong target causing injuries and, once in awhile, death. A other one is dropping it when it snap back into place. It not uncommon to find a longbow on a forest from an unluckily traveler.

This is actually how Armando found his longbow. Or the items needed to make his longbow. It was during his seventeen birthday when he was on a hunting trip. He came across a on the rode market being attack by some highway man. Knowing he couldn't help and more likely to die he stay out of the way of the attack. After it was over he comb over the site to see if he could help any survivors. Seeing that their where none he look over for any thing that he can use. All he found where some strings and some odd pices of materials.

Seeing this, Armando took it to a nearby blacksmith who use the materials to make him a longbow. After some time a Mage came to the town and Armando ask him to enhance his bow to work underwater. After a week of bugging him the Mage finally did it to get him out of his hair. This give birth to his Irite longbow and his edge in the hunter business.

Materials used: Base= The base is made out of irite stone. String= The string is a regular string that is found all over.
Requirements: Archery=75
Strength - 150
Availability: The irite longbow are a regular and common bow found all over.
Total Price: 500g

60x Arrows (rank 5/300g)

Past Information


Armando birth was a mystery, no one could tell where he came from. He was found at a young age by some fishermen in the middle of a lake. After a week of searching, they put him in a foster home where he was given the name Armando Luna. He would later grown up there for the first four years of life. A week after his fourth birthday, he was adopted by the man who originally found him.

As he grown up, he begun to go out with his adopted father to the lake and fish. It was here that his fondness for water surface. Nothing really happen to him until he was eight. A storm had sneak up on the boat they were using. In the confuse of it both him and his father was thrown overboard. Yet it awaken something in Armando, the ability to control water. He unknowing use this ability to save his life but wasn't able to do anything for his adopted father.

During the weeks after the storm his adopted mother went into a depression. It seems that the whole village sink into it as well. The fish were being found less and their was a drought that kill most of their crops. It came to no one surprise when one day a fire broke out in the surrounding forest. Poor Armando fainted due to all the heat that assaulted him. The last thing he saw was his house going up in flames.

When he woke up some time later, he found himself in the bottom of a lake. After getting over the shock that he didnt drown he swim up to the lake surface. Horror awaited him there. The whole village was burnt down and no one was in sight. Going to where his house use to stand he found the body of his adopted mother. Something broke in him as he took in the sight of the body, the realization of him being alone sinking in. Decideing to find another village he set off to the forest.

It was during his walk in the forest that he discover that certain words stirred something within him. Using the feeling he get, he found a way to control the water around him. Finally discovering his power over water. That not the only thing that happen during the walk in the forest. He happen to come across an old wooden bow and arrows, apparently the last things from a unfortunate traveler. A good thing to as he was attacked as soon as he found them. A short while later and a few claw marks he found the village he been looking for.

He spend the rest of his life here, growning leaps and bounds in both his magic and archery skills. When he turn sixteen he left the village to walk the kingdoms, hunting for food and money. That how he spend his life for the next four years, learning and evolving his magic and sharpening his skills. Now twenty, he ready to begin his own story.

Unknown Mother-Alive
Unknown Father-Alive
Adopted Father-dead
Adopted Mother-dead

Friends: N/A

Roleplay Sample

It's raining, how he loved the rain. So long ago he would have been dancing and laughing in it with no care in the world. Yet even now he couldn't help a smile gracing his face, no matter how hard he try to not. With a jolt of pain he open his eyes to the sky above. Even with two holes in his body and the rain hitting him he couldn't help it, he laugh.

"Eternal!! Please be alright!" The sound of his wife voice rip to the silences night as she came run tore him. Her foot steps mix in to the nothingness as his hearing started to fail. Her hand rip at his shirt to heal his wounds underneath. His eyes lock on her's face as her tears begin to fall to him. She is a Angel, his Angel, and he was luckily to have her.

Looking pass her he saw his best friend, his brother in all but blood, Andrew with his little girl behind him. With a smile he rise his blood soak hand to the cut on Andrew arm. "Look like we blood brother now?" An other jolt of pain surge within him. Looking at his daughter he just rise his arms to her, calling her to him.

She took a step to him, as if afraid he will disappear, but finally drop to him and melt in his arms. Her body was shaking as she let's her sobs out, something that hurt him straight in his core. Slowly his own tears begin to fall as the pain take in toil. He move himself to whisper n her ear, "Remember what I thought you, and please stay safe you brat."

With a quite sigh he begin to let nature take it course. He can already fells his life fading. Looking around at the face of his family once more he got a sight that made his blood boil. The man who started this, the one who took his girl, was walking up to his family. With the last of his spirit, he rise his gun. He can see the man, as well as Andrew, stop in surprise. As his heart took it last beat, he pull the trigger.
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Make your character sheet~
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Armando Luna
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