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 Ara Culaco [Ready]

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Ara Culaco

Ara Culaco

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PostSubject: Ara Culaco [Ready]   Ara Culaco [Ready] I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 5:13 pm

Personal Information

Name: Ara Culaco
Nickname Moon striker, Ara of the Mana wave, Ara of the worldly disasters
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Theme: Open up the sky
Battle theme Battle theme

Appearance Information

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 58 kg
Hair color: Orange
Eye Color: Yellow with black scalera
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Ara is a tall-ish young man with a physique built for speed. He has no overbearingly bulky muscles nor does he have any body fat on him at all. His skin complexion has always been slightly tanned despite living in the cold harshness of Gelu. His strange yellow and black eyes seem to glow and suck in light simultaneously, making them the main focus when people see his face. Neither of his parents had these eyes, so it is unknown why his are like that. He prefers to wear older style clothes like kimonos and shihakushos although even he doesn't know why.

Personality Information

Personality Description: Ara is a serious person, one who only ever relaxes when he is alone with friends or family. He often acts lazily to make people underestimate him, though he secretly enjoys battle and near death experiences. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and loved ones, so much so that he would willingly give his life for them.

With strangers Ara is very serious, preferring to stick to professional talk. He never lets his guard down, always on the lookout for suspicious individuals. He finds it hard to trust anybody, most likely form the way his father acted.

His strangely colored eyes often make people afraid of him, thinking that he's a demon or something. Although he doesn't resent them for it, he finds it hard to approach people or make friends because he fears their reactions.

Around people he's more comfortable with Ara brings his guard down rather quickly. he becomes jokey and generally very sweet and kind, sometimes accidentally flirty (not that he knows that). He openly discusses his likes and dislikes, although he does find it hard to initiate conversation.
Likes: Music, his friends, privacy, every season, battle.
Dislikes: Arrogance, actual death, idiots, his loved ones being threatened.
Catch Phrases:
"Just because you prefer one season, say...spring. Does that mean the other seasons are any less beautiful?"
"You say you are powerful? I say you are foolish. Power is only an illusion made by the strong to oppress the weak."
"You've made a mistake. Fighting me might not be one, but hurting my friend....Is the worst thing you could've done."
"Watch me tear the sky open. It's not for me though, it's for them...For you..."
"Everyone I came to care about I left behind, I still regret it."
"To destroy a man, give him power. To save a man, give him strength."
Philosophy: Ara believes that power should be used to protect whatever you care about. In his mind he is the defender of everybody that cares about him and him them.

Alignment Information

Nation: Kingdom of Gelu
Village: Village-less
Job/Trade: Freelance mercenary
Rank: N/A
Alignment: Neutral good: Although Ara does good things often, he does them for people he cares about, not because he can. Often he will help people only to appease his guilt about his past, although he can't allow himself to turn a blind eye to those who desperately need help.

Abilities Information

Class: Expert

  • Swordsmanship (Combat): 125
  • Non- elemental (Mana): 125
  • Medical (Mana): 50
  • Tactical weaponry (combat): 50
  • Elemental (Mana): 125


  • Strength: 100
  • Speed: 750
  • Reflexes: 800
  • Stamina: 200
  • Mana: 800
  • Control: 100

Combat Style: Ara is a master swordsman with focus on speedy slices and jabs to end his opponents. His focus on swordsmanship has unfortunately left him useless without a weapon. He possesses incredible speed for someone of his level of ability, although without his sword he hits like a wimp. His knowledge of tactical weaponry allowed him to use some techniques with his sword later on.
Mana Style: Ara possesses a massive mana pool, far beyond average for somebody on his level. Because of this he has little control over it, preferring to use his sword to unleash pure waves of power. he can perform a few medical techniques such as limb regeneration, although will likely never master the art. Later on in his life he discovered he could control not one but 3 basic elements and one advanced element. he found his basic alignments to be: Water, Wind and lightning and his advanced element is lava, although he currently has no techniques for any of them.
Special Abilities:
Weaknesses: N/A
Inventory: Name: Mūn setsudan ha
Type: Sword
Specialties: Swordsmanship: 75
Mūn setsudan ha or as Ara calls it Mun, is a long black blade with a long chain attached to the hilt. The hilt is black with red diamond shapes embedded in it.
Class: 2
Special Abilities: Ara can fire waves of his magic from the blade or store it inside the sword to release at his command. He can store 200 mana in the blade safely. He can store more but 50 mana leaks out until only 200 is stored. Each blast of mana costs 100 mana. He can also lengthen the chain to throw the sword with by using a technique that comes with the sword.
Chain technique:
Origin:This blade has been with the Culaco family for generations, originally wielded by the first Culaco. This weapon was mainly an heirloom, rarely used in combat unless the Culaco family heir had nothing else to use. Normally it was considered disrespect to use such an heirloom as a weapon. As such it was passed down to each heir of the family. Even when the Culaco family had lost it's noble status hundreds of years ago, it was still passed on to the first born son of the family.

As such, Ara would have received it anyway, even if his father hadn't gone completely insane. It was just, as luck would have it, the first blade he had grabbed to escape his home with. It was unclear why he had grabbed it first, although Ara would like to believe it was fate.

It is unclear who made the blade, or how many were made in the first place. It was obviously made with a few techniques in mind, like the chain technique Ara had possibly re-invented. This blade is said to have been made with a bone of the reaper embedded in the hilt as the core of it's magical properties. This blade also corrupts the wielders mana slowly, making it discolored and corruptive, killing all plant life around it. Ara has never checked to see if there is a bone in the hilt, although he assumes it to be true since he can't explain the blades abilities otherwise.

The blade is also partially sentient, and latches onto it's wielders mana. This has no real effects apart from making it so only it's selected wielder can use it.
Materials used: As mentioned before it is said that a bone from the reaper itself is embedded in the hilt, although this is still unclear. What is for definite is that the blade is made of a kind of stone and not metal. This stone has most of the properties of steel in that it can conduct mana, although it is far stronger and is said to be unbreakable.
Requirements: Swordsmanship: 100
Tactical weaponry: 50
Availability: Less then 10 though possibly more than 3
Total Price: 1250
Past Information

Child years:
The way of the sword:
Leaving home:

Don't fear the reaper:
On the road:
Elemental affinities:
Amie Culaco - Status: Comatose
Rechazo Culaco - Status: Living
Yeager Culaco - Status: Unknown

Roleplay Sample

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PostSubject: Re: Ara Culaco [Ready]   Ara Culaco [Ready] I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 17, 2014 1:51 am

Approved for Expert. Please modify your application for re-checking. Unless you want to put more into your personality, appearance and history.
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PostSubject: Re: Ara Culaco [Ready]   Ara Culaco [Ready] I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 19, 2014 12:31 pm

All seems squeaky to me apart from one thing, for Protection of the Reaper: Bone Body, there is no 'health' you can say that it deals heavy damage to the user when used but also give it an upkeep cost. Perhaps another 50-100 mana every two posts due to the damage it deals to the body?
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PostSubject: Re: Ara Culaco [Ready]   Ara Culaco [Ready] I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 19, 2014 1:37 pm


Please make a character sheet now~
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PostSubject: Re: Ara Culaco [Ready]   Ara Culaco [Ready] I_icon_minitime

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Ara Culaco [Ready]
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