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 Solarion Abella (Deer oh deer)

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PostSubject: Solarion Abella (Deer oh deer)    Solarion Abella (Deer oh deer)  I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 5:14 pm

Personal Information

Name: Solarion Terrian Abella
Nickname Solar
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Elin - Deer

Appearance Information

Height: 4'7"
Weight: 34Kg
Hair color: Blonde/white
Eye Color: Green
Looks Image:
Looks Description:

Personality Information

Personality Description:

  • Nature - Something that Solarion is unwilling to admit is that due to her lineage, her heritage she is very fond of nature, fond of the way it smells, the way it moves and sings with the wind. It creates an odd feeling deep within her core, within her very self and it makes her smile, one of the very few things to get a genuine smile out of her.

  • Power - Due to how she was raised and the way she shaped herself, Solar thinks highly of those with true power, not strength of heart, but the ability to be ruthless, to enforce one's rule to summon forth the greatest of powers, of allies on just a whim.

  • Belsarius - One of her only friends in life, a magnificent stag that she met barely after she was born, it is one of the only beings that she does not feel malice towards despite it being submissive to her commands, she loves Belsarius as much as any normal person would a family member and she will protect him, no matter what.

  • Music - Somewhat of a cliche favourite of hers is music either that of nature or of people, she enjoys it and if out of sight might even find herself dancing or singing along with her melodic voice, being of Nature itself it's only natural that she happens to be good at this sort of thing.


  • People - People are known to hurt, they're difficult to understand, they bleed and they scream, discordant noises that just make Solarion angry. She hates people, she hates the way they try to make others happy, the way they give up so easily, she hates them with all that she is.

  • Cold - Living in a temperate forest, bundled up in clothing Solarion spent almost all of her life warding away the cold, the frost, perhaps a reason she learned to wield fire magic? She detests being cold and the way it causes involuntary movements, she needs to be in control at all times.

  • Rage - Now this does not mean the emotion of anger, anger can make one stronger, can make one feel more passionate. Rage is an ugly thing, it takes over, it makes the person feeling it do things they wouldn't normally do, it makes them lose control. Solar can't lose control she would never forgive herself if she done it again...

  • Alcohol - Stemming from the same belief as both Rage and Cold, alcohol doesn't even taste any good and it causes problems. It is a poison, it destroys the body, it makes people different from who they are and it lowers inhibitions, lowers control over the body... Solarion will never drink and has never consumed alcohol before.

Catch Phrases: N/A
Philosophy: "The strong progress, the weak are bled to oil the wheels."

Alignment Information

Nation: Pratia
Village: Arboras
Job/Trade: Mage
Rank: Graduated Fire Mage
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Abilities Information

Class: Expert

  • Elemental Magic - 125

  • Swordsmanship - 75


  • Strength - 300
  • Speed - 100
  • Reflexes - 150
  • Stamina - 200
  • Mana - 800
  • Control - 700

Combat Style:
Mana Style:
Special Abilities:

Name: Elemental Dissonance
Class: 1 (Weakness /and/ Ability)
Type: Passive
Description: Something is wrong with Solarion's ability to access magic itself, it is tempered, focused in a way rarely ever seen. Due to this she is entirely unable to learn any other basic element than Fire but due to the focusing of her fire based magic, she gains a passive boost to all Fire based magic techniques. Not only do they cost 15% less mana than normal but they have their class upgraded by one (for the same price as the proper class).

Name: Harmony of Nature
Class: Class 1
Type: Passive/Instance
Description: Being born of the Earth itself, life given through nature Solarion has an innate extension to life and nature itself. Whenever she is within a forest and either sings or dances, she establishes a powerful connection with the very life force and is able to slowly regenerate mana as she sings or dances, regenerating 50 mana every one of her posts that she sings or dances allowing her to stall or keep fighting no matter what.

Class: Class 2
Type: Instance
Description: Due to being trained in Swordsmanship especially with greatsword, Solarion has surprising upper body strength and is able to focus more of it when swinging her sword. When she swings a greatsword, only applies to swords of that class, she is able to double her strength for one strike every three posts as she throws her full body into the strike, hammering it home to cripple even the largest of foes.


Name: Forbidden Wishes
Class: Class 1
Type: Passive
Description: There is something within Solarion, or perhaps something without, that despises her ability to use magic, that wishes to stop her from being able to focus it quite so well. She has her two magic types but due to this lock that exists on her magical potential she can never learn another Advanced element than what her origin gives her, no matter what happens.

Techniques: (I'll make and train for them later)

Name: Thinedge Zweihander (Shard)
Type: Greatsword
Specialties: Swordsmanship -75
Appearance: A Thinsteel Zweihander is a greatsword made for shorter people or those without the strength to wield the heavier weapons. The hilt of the sword is around a foot and a half in length with a rounded pommel for striking and gripping to better wield the weapon. The hilt is covered in leather wrappings to give good grip. The guard is made up of four arms, two on the same sides as the edges of the weapon and at the other two cardinal directions are smaller arms to help with blocking. The blade itself holds a light pink hue due to the metal it is made of and is very thin compared to most weapons of this type. The blade is only around two inches wide and four feet long, giving it good reach and tremendous cutting power for a weapon of this type. The weight is low compared to other greatswords but it makes up for this in speed.
Class: Class 3
Special Abilities: The Thinedge Zweihander due to its construction and weight has the special ability that the user can add one quarter of their speed to the strength of the weapon using their raw speed in addition to their strength to make the weapon hit harder than would be normal for a greatsword.
Origin: Solarion managed to get a Thinedge Zweihander due to her lessons as near enough the Queen of the village that she was living in. Due to this she was allowed to request teachers for whatever she wanted and one of the things that she wanted was to learn how to swordfight. Her tenacious nature and unwillingness to slow down or do anything really fancy with her fighting lead the teacher to be baffled as to what to actually teach her with. Rapiers were too difficult, the estoc snapped with the force that she exerted with her weapon and longswords just didn't hit hard enough for Solarion to find them worthwhile. So with that she was taught to wield great weapons but because she was both a small girl and an Elin which made her smaller yet most of the weapons she tried to handle were too large, too heavy for her at least she made it seem that way. So her teacher gave her the one weapon that he thought would work, Shard, one of the only Thinedge greatweapons the village had and she found it spectacular, it dances when she wanted it to, it sang as it was swung and she could tear people apart with it as though it was a weapon much larger than it actually was. With how well she used the weapon her teacher coudln't help but listen to her when she said that she wanted to keep it and so she did. Years later when she left the village Shard was one of the few things that she brought with her...
Materials used: Agapite blade, leather wrappings around an agapite hilt. Agapite for the guards and a Shadow Irite pommel.
Requirements: Strength - 250
Swordsmanship - 75
Total Price: 400 Gold

Name: Sleeves of the Nature's Love
Armor Set: Regalia of the Forest Child
Type: Light Armour
Sub-Type: Sleeves
Specialties: Any magical speciality - 100
Appearance: These Sleeves are worn on the arms of course and are long and flowing keeping the skin of the arms hidden from sight behind the shimmering cloth and sigils that have been written upon them. Multiple different runic scripts have been written onto the sleeves naming multiple names for forest spirits and deities as well as mantras of protection, love and life.
Class: Class 2
Special Abilities: The main ability of the Sleeves of Nature's Love is that they enhance the user's ability to focus and use magic, removing some of the wasted magic that is used when a spell is cast and causing less strain on the body as a whole. This translates as every one of the user's mana using techniques to cost 10% less mana when used, allowing the user to fight with smaller amounts of mana than normal due to the lowered cost.
Stat Adjustments: N/A
Materials Used: Enchanted gossamer and silk.
Requirements: Any magical specialty - 100
Origin: The origin of this armour is that it was made to coat and cover the Child of the Forest as the mythos knew the person that was born of life and would grow up to use that life to bring peace to the village. Solarion was chosen as this child and given this regalia that would serve her for the rest of her life, never needing to be cleaned due to the enchantments upon it and making her a greater being and more able to survive due to it, stopping random threats from killing a child of such legend.
Availability: Very Rare
Total Cost: 750

Name: Robes of the Oaken Queen
Armor Set: Regalia of the Forest Child
Type: Light Armour
Sub-Type: Chestplate
Specialties: Any magical speciality - 100
Appearance: These robes are long and flowing, reaching down to Solarion's feet when worn and covering the rest of her body up to keep her decent. The robes themselves are white in colouration much like the sleeves and rub together to create quiet noises when she moves. Oddly they do not get in the way when fighting but due to their nature don't give very much protection at all. They are daubed with runic scripts depicting the names of ancient dryads, nymphs and sprites, calling upon them to give protection and to keep the wearer safe.
Class: Class 2
Special Abilities: The special ability of these robes is that every post the user is capable of increasing the power of one spell by one class. This lasts for that post only and can only affect the one spell per post making it powerful but limited, requiring the user to know exactly which spell would benefit most from the power upgrade.
Stat Adjustments: N/A
Materials Used: Enchanted layered cloth, silk and gossamer.
Requirements: Any magical specialty - 100
Origin: The origin of this armour is that it was made to coat and cover the Child of the Forest as the mythos knew the person that was born of life and would grow up to use that life to bring peace to the village. Solarion was chosen as this child and given this regalia that would serve her for the rest of her life, never needing to be cleaned due to the enchantments upon it and making her a greater being and more able to survive due to it, stopping random threats from killing a child of such legend.
Availability: Very Rare
Total Cost: 750

Past Information

Born of Life Itself:

Wrought of Love; a Creature of Hate:

Another Life; a Glimmer of Hope:

Blood for Blood; Lessons in Sanguine:

Eyes of Steel; a Seat Before the King:

Screams of Despair; A Legend Usurped:
Family: Inconsequential
Friends: Belsarius, the Stag

Roleplay Sample

"It's been a while since we've had time like this..." A voice spoke out into the darkness, all encompassing. The voice was soft, sweet, it didn't hold any of its usual inflections because there was only one person that was around to hear the voice. Well he wasn't really a person, he could talk, he had a personality but he was never really a person. The warmth beside her shifted as she said it, the fur under her head flicking as though what she was lying on shuddered.

"Indeed it has been." This other person, their voice could be described as cold, perhaps regal but Solarion knew otherwise, she knew that he cared, that his voice was rarely emotion because he spoke with his body and that made her happy, a smile sat comfortably on her lips as she lay there against him; Belsarius, the King to her Queen. "The moonlight is soothing, although I didn't think it would be so for you, my Queen, after all it was a night like this that I told you of what would happen, I drove the point home." A soft 'hmm' was all that met his statement for a few moments.

"You're right, but it was also the night that I learned of how much you cared, the fact that no matter what you would protect me, throw yourself in front of attacks, all just to save me." She reached over and ran her hand over his side, enjoying the feeling of his silky fur under her fingertips. Her hand moved upwards to his neck, digging in to scratch and stroke at the skin, showing her affection for the beast as best as she could.

"That is true enough." Was all he said in return, his own recollection of that night had been different. She was beautiful, she still was, but it was the first time he had seen her in all of her glory. Her antlers had sprouted, visible now and her body was magnificent, more majestic than he was but once more he was hampered, he was held back because he could not love her, because she could not love him, not properly. A pet, a slave, an underling, that was all he was to her and yet he wanted to be her King, he wanted to be hers and he wanted her to be his. It caused a pain in his chest and he shuffled slightly to get more comfortable.

Feeling the movements Solarion sat up and turned around to look at her best friend, reaching over to stroke the top of his head and smiling softly. He was a magnificent animal and he had been with her for a long time now, he was her friend, her family... The only person that cared and the only person that made her happy. People only wanted to hurt her, to hunt her, apart from Belsarius, he didn't want to do any of that... She sniffled quietly as she thought over it and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face in his fur and starting to cry silently. The Stag had dealt with this before and he knew to leave her, pretending she wasn't crying until she was better, until it wasn't and he had to hold her in his hooves, keeping her company until it passed. She was a conflicted individual but she was beautiful and she would only grow to be more so... As long as he could protect her and keep her alive...
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PostSubject: Re: Solarion Abella (Deer oh deer)    Solarion Abella (Deer oh deer)  I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 8:12 pm

Looks good! Approved, unless another member of staff sees an issue.~
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Solarion Abella (Deer oh deer)
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