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 Bringer of Death

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Itome Hikaraku

Itome Hikaraku

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PostSubject: Bringer of Death   Bringer of Death I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 11:13 am

Name: Bringer of Death
Type: Hammer
Specialties: Mace- 100
Appearance: The Bringer of Death has an eight inch handle composed entirely of Valorite, just like the rest of the weapon. The upper part, the part that Kakarotto uses to strike people with, is a think, rectangular prism block also made of Valorite.

Class: 1
Special Abilities: This hammer has been magically blessed to repair itself every time it comes into contact with blood. However, it's regenerating abilities is not all it has. When he uses it, it gives him +100 to his strength stat. Each time Kakarotto kills someone with this hammer, it gives him +10 to his overall strength bonus from wielding this weapon. Anyone who tries to wield this weapon besides those with the Mace Mastery special origin will simply not succeed, as it will feel as if they're wielding a 20 thousand pound hammer. Of course, to Kakarotto it would feel as light as a feather.
Origin: Gonzo layed on his bed, his life slowly ebbing out of his body. It was a sad sight, and Kakarotto couldn't stand to look at it anymore. But, it was his duty. This was the man who took care of him, taught him how to be strong. This was the least he could do.

In his heart, he felt a variety of emotions that he'd never felt before. Sadness was one of the main ones...this man was his friend, a word that he never used before. Gonzo was his best friend..he also felt anger. Why would the gods take away the life of someone who was such a good person? For the first time in his life, Kakarotto was uncertain of his future. His training wasn't even complete..

Right before tears were about to fall from his eyes, the weakened Gonzo grabbed ahold of Kakarotto's hand.

"Heh..I haven't ever seen you cry, so don't start're an incredibly strong kid..not just physically, but mentally. I don't know if the gods blessed you before you were born, but whatever the case is..I believe in you. So, that's why I left you a special hammer in the cave a few miles away from this house. It was supposed to be a reward for when you finished your training..but, I only have a day, go on. Collect your weapon and make me proud.."

So, Kakarotto headed over to the cave, and at the entrance was a lone hammer, made up of the finest materials. He picked it up, noticing it was as light as a feather...
Materials used: Composed entirely of Valorite.
Requirements: Mace Fighting - 100, Mace Mastery(Special Origin)
Availability: One
Total Price: 1500
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PostSubject: Re: Bringer of Death   Bringer of Death I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 11:24 am

Approved, unless staff sees any other issues.
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Bringer of Death
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