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 Kakarotto Uchida

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PostSubject: Kakarotto Uchida   Kakarotto Uchida I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 4:46 pm

Personal Information

Name: Kakarotto Uchida
Nickname Carrot
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Race: Elin(Monkey)

Appearance Information

Height: 4'8
Weight: 75 pounds
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Kakarotto is a short, lightweight kid that usually has a stern look on his face. His nose is short and pointed, with peach colored skin  He has black, spiked up hair with a widow's peak. Kakarotto's eyebrows are average sized, and like his hair, is black. He looks much like a human child, besides the fact that he possess a brown tail that is a single foot long, along with a much stronger jaw that can easily rip through normal humans. His head is a bit oval shaped, with a sharp chin. He has a pair of round, hazel eyes that resemble coconuts.

Now, Kakarotto is seen in multiple clothes, using his job as an adventurer to purchase what he needs for himself. In his training uniform, he wears a blue gi with a black shirt underneath and an orange belt. On his right breast is the kanji for fist, and on his forehead he wears a white headband. Sometimes, he goes barefooted but can occasionally be seen wearing leather moccasins. He carries his hammer, Bringer of Death across his back in a brown sheathe.

But, when he isn't training he is usually seen in more elaborate clothing, made by himself from the finest materials. He wears a wooden crown with a small hole that contains an olive on his head. Next, he wears a white cape. For his shirt, he wears yellow pants, a purple shirt, and leather moccasins. Instead of carrying Bringer of Death on his back, it is strapped on his left hip.

Personality Information

Personality Description: First and foremost, Kakarotto has a lust for battle. It fuels him, his battle instinct telling him what to do daily through his life. And just like his old tribe members, he judges a person's value by how strong they are. He is quick to dismiss people who he deems as weak. If you aren't strong, then what use are you to the world? Of course, his opinion of your worth can be changed. If you prove your worth in combat, then he will generally have a good opinion of you.

By other children, he has been called cruel. If he considers you weak, he will pick on you, take advantage of you, and do anything to make your life miserable until you prove you're somebody worth noticing. Generally, he has a bit of a superiority problem, looking down on others because of his massive skill at such a young age. He is very confident in his abilities to the point of arrogance. Although he knows he certainly isn't the strongest person in the world, he believes he's around the top 100. Kakarotto is always talking about his abilities and how powerful he is.

Kakarotto respects honorable people. He does not like ganging up on people, and prefers not to use sneak attacks if he can help it. He also dislikes bows and arrows, because he likes fighting close range and believes people who fight mainly in long range are cowards who aren't suited for battle. But, despite his serious nature he still possess the heart of a kid. He LOVES candy. If someone offered it to him, he'd take it, even if said person looks like a creeper that came out of prison. Kakarotto also has a great respect for the elderly, because he believes them to be great sources of wisdom.

Finally, Kakarotto has a conflict with authority. He feels annoyed when he's told to do something, even if its by someone he respects. He prefers having the choice and freedom to do what he wants, because he finds that they are very important things in a person's life.
Likes: Anything dealing with fighting, exploring, candy, old people.
Dislikes: Vegetables, people who preach about justice.
Catch Phrases: "Idiot!" "Weakling!" "Useless!"
Philosophy: "I'm going to explore every inch of this planet, and become the strongest warrior this world has seen!"

Alignment Information

Nation: None
Village: None
Job/Trade: Adventurer
Rank: Newbie
Alignment: Neutral-Evil

Abilities Information

Class: Expert
Specialties: Mace Fighting - 125, Elemental-50(Earth and Wind), 125(Martial Arts), 25 Tactical Weaponry
Combat Style: Close range-mid range fighter, often infuses his elementals into his attacks.
Mana Style: Kakarotto possesses great control over his elements, using powerful incantations to invoke his mana attacks.
Special Abilities: None
Weaknesses: None
Techniques: None
Inventory: Bringer of Death

Past Information

History: Kakarotto was born to a small group of villagers somewhere around the Kingdom of Ignia. The village was known for its well seasoned warriors that possessed a ferocious amount of physical ability. They valued skill in battle above all else, and if they caught a child with even the slightest of disabilities that could endanger their lives on the battlefield, then the child was dumped into a river, never to be seen again. Unfortunately for Kakarotto, he was one of these children. The sage of the village analyzed him, surprised and terrified at what he saw. Kakarotto's soul showed the reflection of evil, good, strong, and weak. The Sage knew that this meant Kakarotto was a special child, one who was the reincarnation of many people, particularly heroes and villains. Knowing that this meant Kakarotto could eventually usurp him, he lied about Kakarotto's strength.

So, Kakarotto, thrown down the river was left to die. His life seemed like it would end as soon as it began. However, during his trip downstream he was found by an old man named Gonzo Hiragana, who would now become the parent of the boy. Feeling incredible sorrow for him, he took Kakarotto in, and raised him as if he were his own. This was an incredible task, however. Kakarotto was an extremely violent kid. Although his outbursts didn't harm Gonzo, he knew that this would become a problem once Kakarotto grew older. So, he did everything he could to make sure he didn't develop into a horrible person. So, once Kakarotto was three, he started his training in martial arts, mace training, and mana arts. Gonzo was surprised at how fast Kakarotto caught on, but nothing seemed to be working with his behavior, and Gonzo was nearly fed up with this and thought about giving him up for adoption.

It wasn't until a hike in the mountains that led to Kakarotto bumping his head at the age of six which turned him into a relatively average young boy. But, his lust for fighting was still here. Gonzo didn't mind, as long as the boy didn't revert back to the days of rage.

At the age of seven, he made incredible gains with his ability with the mace, however, that obviously costed him in other areas. He was considered a master of the mace..but, tragedy struck that same year. His father, Gonzo, died of a strange illness. He carried great sorrow, but learned to cherish his life instead of mourn his death, and eventually moved on to become an adventurer for money.
Family: Gonzo Hiragana(Deceased)
Friends: None

Roleplay Sample

About three hundred meters away from the village gates, Sora was busy patrolling on his ink bird made from a special suiton jutsu that didn't require any type of ink or paintbrush. Even if he was a Genin that couldn't do much against higher rank shinobi, he felt that it was his duty to report any type of suspicious activity that went on in the village.

Hm..usually it's a bit more livelier in the night time. I'm surprised that things are going so well, haha. I might actually go ahead and call it early. Some would say I'm taking this whole justice thing way too serious, but when it comes to the welfare of the's never too serious.

The color of the ink bird he used was black, blending well enough in the night sky that he wouldn't be obvious, even to anyone who was looking out for such things. Just to be safe, Sora also had completely black clothing on, and hid his headband in his sack which he carried on his back. It was to prevent the light from shining on the band, and thus giving away his position.

Since he figured that nothing was going on this night, Sora was about to head home when something caught his attention. He could only know this information through the byakugan, his clan dojutsu, which allowed him to see chakra systems up to 450 meters away. A man managed to somehow sneak past the guards and the security that was at the gate.

Impossible...this figure has managed to sneak past the most elite of Konoha shinobi? I can't let this go..even if I could die, I have to go and stop this guy!

Currently fifty meters in the air, he would prepare for his ink animal to take off at full speed towards the target. But first, he needed to wait and see where this man was going. Watching stop and perch on a random building, Sora knew this would be the best time to make his move. Forming a few handseals, he would active the henge jutsu, turning himself into a cloud that matched perfectly with the rest of the clouds in the sky. The cloud was unique enough to not look suspicious, but not TOO unique. It wouldn't do Sora any good if he drew attention..disguises were meant to avoid attention, after all. The cloud was big enough to provide cover for his ink bird, so the invader wouldn't be able to see it either.

Sora was finally ready to confront the trespasser, so he would take a route that would leave Sora behind the trespasser at all times. He was also traveling at full speed, but if he saw the man make any type of movements that would lead to Sora's cloud being seen, he would slow down and would fly at normal cloud speeds.

This is actually the first serious battle I've been in..sure, I've taken down a couple bandits but they were no threat to me anyways. My heart is pounding..I'm not gonna lie and say I have no fear..but, another feeling is in my heart..

It's the feeling of motivation! Motivation not to die..motivation not to make my parents hard work training a talentless shinobi like me go to waste.. I WON'T DIE HERE!

Sora had only a single attack that he used for long range purposes, and that was the Teppodama technique. It was a lethal technique, but still, he would try his best not to kill the intruder with it. He still needed to be brought in to the Hokage and the interrogation unit for questioning.

Now, Sora was thirty meters above the intruder, and forming a single handseal, he would unleash a stream of water from his mouth, still in cloud form that would crash down a meter to left of Alder. The waves from the Suiton jutsu would get him wet, plus, the strength of the waves would literally sweep him off of his feet, and throw him off the building he was on. This building was about forty meters tall, ten meters wide and if he managed to fall headfirst, he would certainly die, or suffer severe brain damage. However, if he was smart and lucky, he wouldn't be landing headfirst. Despite the crushing wave of water sending him down at high speeds, perhaps he would be able to maneuver his body a little and avoid his head. In that case, he would suffer broken bones, and all that good stuff.

If all of this occurred and went to plan, then he would deactivate his henge and fly down lower to investigate the mess.
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Approved, unless staff sees any issues.~
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Kakarotto Uchida
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