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 Umiko Creatio

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PostSubject: Umiko Creatio   Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:30 am

Personal Information

Name: Umiko Creatio
Nickname Umi | The Engineer
Age: 168
Gender: Female
Race: Sosarian

Appearance Information

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 126lbs
Hair color: Bright Blue
Eye Color: Golden
Looks Image:
Looks Description:

Upper Body:

Lower Body:

Personality Information

Personality Description:

  • Gold | Wealth
  • True Sosarians
  • Elves
  • Elins
  • Technology
  • Crafting


  • Fighting | War
  • Fallen Sosarians
  • Humans
  • Amani
  • Barakas
  • Training
  • Food | Eating

Catch Phrases:
"All things begin with creation..."
"I'll build ya whatever you want!"
"Sure. For the right price..."
"Isn't money just wonderful?"
Philosophy: Umiko is somewhat nice and polite but she believes that money and wealth are the most important determining factors of a person's worth. If someone is worthless, they will have no wealth. If someone has necessary skills and is worth something then they are bound to be wealthy. This is simply how she views things and spends most of her time trying to make a quick buck to add to her wealth.

Alignment Information

Nation: Kingdom of Pratia
Village: Folium
Job/Trade: Engineer
Rank: Master
Alignment: Lawful Neutral; Umiko walks a thin line as far as the law is concerned. She will not step out of the confines of the law and will rarely engage in acts that could get her into trouble with the law. She is generally a good-natured person but will rarely do things simply out of the kindness of her heart. She is more likely to help someone if there's pay or if it benefits her in some way.

Abilities Information

Class: Artisan

  • Blacksmithy: 125
  • Tinkering: 125
  • Masonry: 125
  • Enchanting: 25


  • Strength: 600
  • Speed: 500
  • Reflexes: 600
  • Stamina: 100
  • Mana: 100
  • Control: 100

Combat Style: Umiko lacks any combat ability or expertise, making her borderline useless in combat. However, using her extraordinarily high strength and reflexes, she is able to sufficiently defend herself against minor threats with basic attacks.
Mana Style: Umiko utilizes her mastery over the elements to produce weapons much faster and more efficiently than normal. She is also able to enchant items and weapons with numerous elemental capabilities and mana-based enchantments. She is unable to utilize mana in combat entirely, however. Her elements are fire, water, wind, earth and lightning.
Special Abilities:
Weaknesses: -
Techniques: None.
Earpieces of Wealth:

Hairpieces of Wealth:

Footwear of Wealth:

Past Information

The Creation of a Sosarian:
Great Sosarian War:
The End of the True Sosarians:
- Opes [Father][NPC][Deceased]
- Kiyoko [Mother][NPC][Deceased]
Friends: -

Roleplay Sample

Not needed for second characters.~
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PostSubject: Re: Umiko Creatio   Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:59 pm

Hairpieces of Wealth, what is the maximum Class of technique they can block? In addition what percentage of mana can they seal? For class 1 I'd say 70-80% rather than all of it.
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Gold: 10,100
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PostSubject: Re: Umiko Creatio   Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:17 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Umiko Creatio   

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Umiko Creatio
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