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 Jace, king of the Amani

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PostSubject: Jace, king of the Amani   Jace, king of the Amani I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 17, 2014 11:20 pm

Personal Information

Name: a Jace Amshi
Nickname The Destroyer, Black king, The dark one
Age: 300
Gender: male
Race: Amani

Appearance Information

Height: 20 feet
Weight: 1,254 pounds
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Looks Image:
Looks Description: A huge Dark Amani with red Skin and scales that are shaped wickedly, and a few dozen horns on his head an shoulders. He has a demonic look and is extremely buff. He has what looks like a exoskeleton of a Demon.

Personality Information

Personality Description: Jace is a a Evil war loveing killer. He finds joy in killing every thing, though he will leave those who pose no threat alone, or though who surrender to his will.
Likes: Death and destruction.
Dislikes: Human kind and resistance
Catch Phrases: "Why do you puny little Welps try to stop me.... I am the rightful king of this realm!" "the Dark lord has no equal!" "Only could a god defeat me!"
Philosophy: Kill all who stand in the way of his kingdom.

Alignment Information

Nation: Terra
Village:the city of Pulvis
Job/Trade: King
Rank: War leader
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Abilities Information

Class: Grandmaster
Specialties: sword
Strength: 2400
Speed: 1000
Reflexes: 2400
Stamina: 2000
Mana: 2000
Control: 1800
Combat Style: Heavy sword style(2-handed) He wields the sword with one hand and swings it with al his strength. He focuses on offense more than defense. His armor allows him to make reckless acts, and with his strength he can afford to swing at a shield. He will uses his hands in combat.
Mana Style: Dark and fire Based
Special Abilities: Dark blood line and darkness aura
Weaknesses: Light and holy based attacks, as well as chinks in the armor, he also I bound by a oath not to wage war, made by a elder human mage of the trinity council.
Name: Dark memise
Class: 1
Type: mana
Sub-Type: offensive
Specialties: illusions
Availability: open
Requirements: the drive to kill
Description: a Shadow ran over his eyes, and what he saw was terrifying, it was the most horrible thing ever seen! It was a living night mare!
Training: 850-1200
Cost: 200

Name: Dark sacrilege
Type: Sword
Specialties: sword man ship
Appearance: [ img][/img]
The buster blade is a huge Sword made form Dark iron, and infused with Chaotic energy. It is 17 feet long and 9 feet wide.
Class: 2
Special Abilities: Dark imperious: the blade gets coated in dark energy, hoe ing the edge, instantly sharpening the edge and makeing the blade indestructible for one swing.
Origin: When Jace was making the pact with the dragon, he used his buster blade as a sign of truth, offering to have his buster blade infused with some of his soul in order to obtain power. The Sword took the energy into it and became stronger the iron becomeing a stronger version of it self, dark iron, which can cut though even the toughest of steels( though holy weapons make it weaker.) The blade I now one of the strongest known swords in the Amani arsenal.
Materials used: The handle is forged from ancient bone of a creature known as a behemoth, once a mount of a gaint. The hilt gaur dis made from a magical form made form draconian magic. The blade is Dark iron found only in corruption.
Requirements: a minimal strenght level of 2,000 in order to wield in combat, 1,500 to pick up.
Availability: only one known blade of this manner is known at the moment, but one can be forged if given the materials. It is quite rare.
Total Price: 560 gold before corruption, after corruption it is around 1500

Name: Dark Flame
Type: Sword
Specialties: sword man ship
Appearance: it is a Flaming Bastard Sword.
Class: 3
Special Abilities: Flame soaked blade: the blade is soaked in fire.
Origin: This Blade was used by every Amani leader. Originally used by the great Amani kaira. The Sword was used to slay a dozen giants, the the blade was handed off to the first Amani General, I order to challenge giants to a fight. The sword was used to conquer against humans and was also used to defend the Amani countless times. the sword was given to Jace after he defeated the last Amani King. He now uses it to Destroy the beings who stand in his way.
Materials used: The hilt was made by dusk wood, a now rare type of wood. The hilt guard was made form iron. The blade was made by eternal flame Ore a ore that once it touches flame is forever on fire. It must be forged in the cold using a special Blue flames.
Requirements: 1,500 strength
Availability: two are in the known existence but one has been missing for a few century's. It is rare but not impossible.
Total Price: 0 gold start. Cost to sell 100 cause it's not worth a trade, since it takes strength to use it.

Name: Dark chest plate
Armor Set: Dark Demon
Type: Heavy armor
Sub-Type: Chest plate
Specialties: none
Appearance: Jace, king of the Amani Search?q=awesome+evil+chest+plate+armor&qpvt=awesoem+evil+chest+plate+armor&FORM=IGRE#view=detail&id=81C72BF54403CD85BF3E150938022B65AF262A38&selectedIndex=3 a demonic looking chest plate! infused with dark magic. It looks like something that a demon lord would wear.
Class: 2
Special Abilities: none alone, full set: Dark tutelage, Search though the depths of darkness and calls a Spirit of Fear.
Stat Adjustments: 5% speed reduction.
Materials Used: Dark iron, demonic scales, Gargantuan bones, and leather strips.
Requirements: strength requirement:1,300
Origin: while off in search of power, Jace ran into a Cave, and every time he tried to walk the other way it would appear. So after trying to move away from it, he decided to go in. After haveing to kill multiple creatures to get to a room. The room was filled with imps, all running around fighting. In the middle was a chest plate. The chest plate seems special, as if it was made of raw power. After Jace took care of some imps, he reached for the Chest plate and when he touched it, his vision went dark, a night marek she image appeared infront of him beckoning him. After a while Jace shaped out of the vision he had. He reached forward and put on the chest plate, this time the darkness no where to be seen.
Availability: there is a entire armor set out there, but this is only one piece. It is currently only rare, but full set would be legendary.
Total Cost: start:100 sell:1,000G

Past Information

History: The Amshi are a proud group in the Amani culture, there last name meaning Power. They where known as great warrior back since the giants ruled. They where used as intertwine ment for the giants. The rule of the humans also made the Amshi fight. They fought there own kin to races that are all but known as extinct now.

Jace was one of the greatest Amshi though, back since the Amshi that helped drive the Titan of darkness away from the kingdoms. Jace was a fighter since he was a little pup. He trained for his entire life, thinking of one day being a king. He was born near the end of the human reign over Pulvis. When he reached the age to join the Amani army, he joined and quickly joined the ranks of the veterans. His skill with a buster sword made him a frightening sight. He ended up though after a mission went wrong trapped in a dragons cave. After spending a year behind the dragons wall of treasure, Jace adopted the draconian language and made a blood pact with the dragon that lived there.

Both Jace and the dragon had the same goal, to conquer. They both set out back to terra, to challenge the current king to a battle. After the challenge that the Amani king accepted, the dragon let the blood pact complete, makeing Jace larger and stronger than the other king, and gave Jace, a once be flunky in magic, the ability to control darkness. After a few years of reigning over the Amani and being tricked into a blood oath by a trinity council member Jace has out lived his parents and watched his brother die. He is the last of the Amshi, and he will not fall to any one.
Family: Akshi(mother) Shomberect(father) Ren(brother) - all deceased.
Friends: none other than his dragon.

Roleplay Sample

As Jace busted the door open, his eyes burning with rage, he charged the knight, his buster blade drawn and his helmets visor down. All the knight saw was the dark figure rush him, a huge blade at its side. Was this a night mare! How did such a thing exist! All the knight could do as the figure charged was lift his sword in time to make the buster blade to slide off missing the mans torso by a centimeter, though the hand that shot out around his head was unseen. Now lifted off the ground the knights helmet being crushed by the figure. Jace looked at the man, then pointed his sword towards the window, towards the designated village.

"I give you only but one chance human. Surrender and the rest will be spared, you will be able to live and your life lived to the end." Jace says as he stabs his buster blade I to the ground, the stone slitting like butter. His grip on the man tightened with impatience as the knight took a few moments to speak.

"I will die before I let you reign over us Amani scum! Your race is only good at being slave!" the knight said spitting into Jaces hand. Unfortunately the knight was only able to say that before his head was crushed like a rock under a hammer.

As Jace walked away, throwing the dead body to the floor, and grabbing the sword out of the ground with his other hand he walked out of the village hall, out Into the village square. Whistling for his dragon to come, Jace stood his ground killing everything that came at him. The Amani had no reason to keep this place intact anymore. A the dragon landed and Jace climbed on he said in dragon tongue to his dragon, saying to burn this village down to the ground. As they left the dragon unleashed it's fire, burning everything it touched to the ground.
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Jace, king of the Amani
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