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 Child of the Forest

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PostSubject: Child of the Forest   Child of the Forest I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 18, 2014 5:40 pm


Within the woods once more, the forest surrounding her, green above and verdance under her feet. It was always interesting going barefoot when there was only grass around, she didn't have to worry about anything sharp trying to tear the soles of her feet to ribbons, she didn't have to worry about if where she was about to step would be too risky or hot or cold. Everything was just perfect in the forest and it was here that she felt most at home. It was so odd though that she did feel at home here, she never felt at home anywhere else , not in her village, not with a family nothing like that at all. She never even really had a family they had given her away when she was younger and she had never forgiven them for it. To think that her parents would give her away, their only child just after they had got her back. It didn't make sense to Solarion and it made her so angry, it caused her blood to boil in her veins, it caused hatred to simmer and seethe under the surface of her skin and it made her want to scream, to cry, to rage and break and crush but she couldn't. She was the perfect little princess, she couldn't do anything like that or she'd be punished, she'd be beaten without anyone ever knowing it.

Here in the forest though it was different, she didn't have to worry about being seen to rage and scream. So with that Solarion dropped to her knees and let the rage come forth into her veins but it wouldn't. Why wouldn't it bubble forth!? Why could she scream and shout and cry and sob? She didn't understand it but then it came to her and she sat back on her heels thinking over it. Had she been indoctrinated? Her mind altered by repeated words, repeated orders but she wouldn't let that happen. It was the only thing left to her that actually belonged to her. Her body had bee molded as they wished, medical magic used to keep her looking younger than she should, keep her as the actual Child of the forest. Her clothing had been chosen for her to give her religious connotations... There was nothing that belonged to her anymore.

Nothing but her mind and her magic. They couldn't change those no matter how hard they tried. She rose to her feet and focused her magic around her, she could feel it like a second sense of touch. Unshaped her mana felt like liquid, brushing against her in waves and swells, pressing against her on occasion as though begging to be utilised to be brought forth and into the world. She knew that it was almost that exact case, that mana was almost alive or at least it seemed to be so to her, was that something unique to her? She wasn't exactly sure but she knew that she could focus it to do as she wished although that would involve changings its very properties due to her magical types. To change the properties well one of such was intuitive to her and the other was more instinctive than anything else, a remnant of how she came to be perhaps? A smile hit her lips at that but it was bitter, it just brought forth the memories once more and so she rose to her feet and clenched her hands, limbs shaking with the force of her grip, she was thankful that she had trimmed nails or she was pretty sure she would've put her nails through her palms. A few deep breaths of the scents of nature brought her back to a calm though and her hands slowly unfurled revealing furrows in her palms where the nubs of her nails had actually dug in slightly. One of them was bleeding... She must nee her nails trimme once more, how bothersome. If she was any normal child she just would've bitten her nails down but that wasn't allowed, in fact she had been slapped the first time she had tried such a thing, apparently it wasn't very lady-like and it made her hands look disgusting. She didn't see that but it wasn't her place to complain either.

Solarion smirked, she knew that her tutors would utterly flip if they found out the other things that she done, that she ran around barefoot and sometimes naked in the woods just to feel the life touch her skin or that she pissed in the woods because it was simply easier. Such little rebellious thoughts and actions were what kept her going, they couldn't keep a watch on her at all times, not when this forest was her own, it was under her control and she made sure that people could not follow her. This was her domain and... Well not only hers, some of it did belong to her friend Belsarius but he was nowhere to be seen, perhaps he would show up later? Oh well, enough thinking of the current and the past, it was time to train. After all it was only out here that she could focus on both of her magic types she didn't have to train with weapons and she didn't have to show her tutors that she was a master of nature and nothing else, they didn't want her training with any other magic but she chose to train with fire, the antithesis of nature simply to spite her heritage as well as to enhance her fire, after all nature was great at giving one flammable materials. She chuckled softly at that and looked down at her hand, focusing her mana into it. Sometimes it was a difficult process but she hadn't trained in a long time and her mana was itching to reveal itself and to bring forth destruction just as she wanted it to.

Now she could do many things with her mana she could focus it into the earth itself to bring forth plantlife and such which she would practice with later but for now she had to practice with her fire. The mana in her hand changed suddenly as she focused on it, the little individual parts forming the liquid changing and shifting and to her perceptions they seemed to glow red. Condensing this mana caused it to erupt into flames but the orb was too large at the moment, she had to fix that and with a good amount of focus she caused it to compact into a small ball, the ball shimmering with the heat given off by the ball of fire. It was a relatively simple technique refined into a more powerful, more dangerous use. Usually this technique wouldn't be able to do much but Solarion had added in a hell of a lot more mana and thus she needed to test it out, one way to vent the rage that she held within her and with that Solar turned and lobbed the ball forwards.

It crackled as it moved through the air at a rather ridiculous pace, in fact Solar's eyes couldn't follow it as it screamed forwards and impacted a tree. Once it impacted there was a split second delay before it erupted into flames, the shimmering orange and red lights dancing through the foliage and giving an odd backdrop to the current peaceful surroundings. The Child of the Forest grinned and giggled manically, the light was beautiful and it surrounded her, it brought forth her rage and sent it against what had given her such hate... She usually hated being so angry, she detested the lack of control that she had when it happened but... There was no one around, she could burn everything she wanted. Throwing her hands out to either side of her the girl called forth her magic once more and poured it into her hands, a pair of fireballs fell into place, crackling and glowing and whispering sweet death to her. She spun and threw them out, the orbs slamming into different parts of the forest and erupting once more into gouts of flame, trees and flowers suddenly going up in the orange light that the fireballs brought forth. It was beautiful and it sang to her so of course she would have to sing back to it!

Opening her mouth a wordless song erupted forwards, echoing eerily through the trees despite the sound of sparking and hissing flames around her, her own little clearing untouched by the flames. She started to dance, feeling the earth itself sing back to her, filling her up with majesty, with pride, with power itself! Her body vibrated with the force and the energy crackling in her veins. By the Fallen it felt wondrous, it was magnificent and she could use this power, she could bring forth more of her power to destroy that which had brought her back to a world that she didn't want, that didn't need her, that was going to betray her in the end. The grin went crooked on her face and her eyes were filled with malice as she looked around the forest, fire burning in her palms...

She awoke against a tree, green eyes scanning around the woods that surrounded her form. Nothing was burning, nothing at all, it was just a memory, a dark memory that she had thought she had left behind. She loved the world around her, she hated the beings that inhabited it though. People were the worst, they destroyed and killed for the sake of a myth, they changed a young girl so that she could never truly grow. Solarion reached down and run her hand over her chest and stomach, both as flat as a board, the latter was due to a strict exercise regime and she wasn't upset about that but the former. She could've screamed at the people that would do such a thing to a young girl, stopping her from ever reaching maturity. Taking a deep breath she rose to her feet and scanned her eyes around once more. A hand came up and stroked through her long hair, she hadn't been allowed to cut it when she was younger and she wasn't rebellious enough or stupid enough to cut the beautiful locks short.

It did need to be brushed though and so she gave a long yawn before calling out into the woods. "Belsarius! To me!" Her voice was crystal clear and ripped through the surrounding foliage, she wasn't entirely sure where her friend was but she need him for a few things, for one she need help with her morning routine due to the fact he carried all of her equipment. It took only a few seconds before the sound of hooves clattering against the ground reached her ears and Belsarius jumped out of the treeline before trotting over her to her. He almost looked amused at something but he wasn't saying anything which made Solarion more than a little suspicious. "Go on, what are you so happy about?"

The Stag quirked an eyebrow before giving a soft chuckle and shaking his head. "I forgot how well you can read me, my Queen. I am simply amused at the state that you have awoken in. Your hair and clothing is an absolute mess. I imagine you'll be wishing to fix such a thing?" Solarion gave a loud sigh and then nodded prompting Belsarius to step up beside her, crouching down onto his 'knees' to show his flank and side to her. Solarion then reached forwards to the pack that he carried and pulled out a small bundle. With the bundle in hand she patted the Stag's rump and walked off to a large lake that she had found not too far away. Once there she brushed out the main knots in her hair before rolling her shoulders and then removing her robes and sleeves leaving her naked in the wilderness.

It was always odd to be in the open and naked but after several years of it she learned to deal and thus she didn't mind anymore. In fact she didn't even mind the glances that Belsarius gave to her nude form when he thought she wasn't looking. One would've thought that with his age and experience he would've learned how to peek without being caught doing so. It was a little amusing and actually a little endearing but always the thought that Belsarius was an animal struck Solarion's mind and she gave a sigh, stepping forwards into the cold water of the lake that she was going to wash in. She started off with her body, splashing water over her form to clear it of any dirt, grime, dust and other such nasties. She cared for herself and how she looked so she wasn't going to miss anywhere and even the places people might be shy about washing she honestly didn't care. She had to be clean and she would make sure of that, splashing water over her back and getting Belsarius to use his side to clean her of dirt. He could better wash himself later anyway.

Once she was fully cleaned she moved on to her hair, dipping her head under the water and holding it there for a few moments, using her fingers to make sure the water got to all of her thick, long hair while she was under there. Once her hair was neat and ready to dry she brought her head out of the water and threw it back, hair flying over to rest against her back. It was frigid though and a shudder ran through her spine causing her to hug herself and rub her arms to try and bring some warmth back into them. She really needed to find some way to warm up this water and then an idea struck her. She took a deep breath and readied her mana, focusing it around her and swimming over to grab her emblem from the shore to channel it. Once back in the water she held the emblem above her head and immediately the mana changed form become hot, becoming fire and it erupted around her in a cylinder, protecting her from harm if that's what she wanted as well as heating up the water quickly bringing it to a comfortable temperature. She held the spell for a few more moments before taking a deep breath and dropping it, the flames vanishing so that she could relax back in the warm water, closing her eyes over and sighing happily. Magic was easily her best friend, only slightly behind Belsarius although the magic had been around for longer even if she hadn't been able to wield it all too well when she was very young. That was understandable though, she hadn't been given much training in fire magic, everything she learned was of her own accord. She was actually rather proud of herself for such a feat, who could say that they fully taught themselves to be the master of an elemental art?

She chuckled quietly and then got out of hte water, removing a brush from Belsarius's pack and quickly fixing her hair with quite a few broad strokes of the brush to make sure it sat perfectly without any knots throughout and then a quick burst of her flame shroud dried her up nice although she did have to re-brush her hair due to it becoming suddenly a bit frizzy which was always an issue. With that done she left Blesarius to get washed and walked off to practice her magic, after putting on clothes of course, wouldn't do to screw around with mana without her garb on, it really did help with the magic. So with her magical clothing on she wandered back to the clearing to practice her larger techniques. Bouncing up and down on the spot and readying her magic. She knew she'd need a bit more mana for this so she had to establish a connection with the Earth. That was easy enough for her though and so she started to sing, a soft tune from her childhood that immediately linked her and allowed her mana to come back in force, drawing into her a little bit at a time, some of it restoring every few seconds as the world gave her energy.

With that ready she started her first technique and brought her mana together into the emblem in her left hand before throwing it outwards. The flames erupted forwards into a trail in front of her at a frightening sped and she rolled her ankles before stepping onto the trail and burning the mana under her feet, causing her to launch along it like a rail, much faster than she would've been able to run the same distance. Once at the end of hte trail she threw out another one in a different direction and launched along it, creating a good bit of fire for her next technique, heavily mana intensive but she knew she could do it. Taking a deep breath she focused her mana around herself and focused it tightly. Using her ability to sense mana and her magical focus she tapped into the connection with the fire around her and then launched towards her, mana pulling her straight at it at a massive speed, she'd never moved that quickly before and when she arrived an eruption of flame appeared around her and she stumbled to her knees, breathing deeply.

While on her knees though she just grinned, her fingers digging into the woodland as she forced herself to breathe to bring oxygen into her lungs. She needed to feel that again, the mana cost was ridiculous but it flet fantastic. She jumped to her feet and turned around, focusing on fire further away from her and grabbing onto it with her magic, funneling mana behind her and around her before screaming forwards at the same speed, the air screaming around her ears and causing her to laugh loudly. After a second she dropped out of the flames and turned around scanning for threats and wanting to launch once more but she didn't instead she just breathed for a few moments and rose up, enough testing of fire she had to have some fun with Nature now.

Clapping her hands together she knew she had a few techniques to learn, the first of them was what would save her when she didn't have woodland around her. Crouching down she placed her emblem on the floor and took a deep breath, breathing like that for a few seconds. She could feel life running through the ground, the capability to bring forth a forest, to bring forth magic and nature into the world. It was beautiful, she knew that much and focusing her mana she tapped into the life underground and wailed, throwing her hands up and forcing it to grow, the trees erupting from the ground and between the other plantlife to grow into the sky, lush and green and vibrant and beautiful. Solar stepped back and wiped her forehead, she could feel her mana taking a hit with this but she could still do it, she still had enough left over. Clapping her hands together she threw her emblem out and manipulated the trees forcing sharp, barbed vines to grow from them. That was when she heard Belsarius charging through the trees, swearing a few times until he reached her. "Those vines are sharp... Thankfully they seemed to move away from me, perhaps they recognised my authority." He told her and Solarion just giggled loudly before nodding and focusing her mana, her Stag giving her some of it back to help with the costs before she created a particularly interesting tree. This tree was massive, branches reaching far over their current surroundings before blue apples grew upon the tree taking a few seconds to come to maturity. Once that was done she focused her magic and caused the apples to detonate, sending spores flying through the air not that they affected Solarion or Belsarius but it was kind of pretty and then she sat down, kind of heavily.

Her body felt tired and so did her soul if that made sense, she had just spent a hell of a lot of mana and there was a lot of heat and ash around her from her various techniques. Her head hit the dirt and she just didn't care everything was just perfect, especially with how she felt. Taking a deep breath again to try and recover some of her oxygen that had been taken away by the speed that she had moved and the force of the spells that she had just cast. She didn't spend as much mana as anyone else but damn did she feel tired. A wet nose against her cheek caused her to splutter and actually get to her feet, flailing around for a bit before she rubbed the top of her head and growled softly.

"You were lying there for several minutes, my Queen, I was rather worried about you." The Stag spoke quietly and she turned around to look at him before furrowing her eyebrows and rubbing the top of her head. She wasn't sure how long she had been lying there but it's possible that she had accidentally napped when she lay down due to the mana drag but it felt better now, obviously Belsarius had been using his abilities to restore her mana. So with that she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him as best she could and stoically he just took it although she was pretty sure that he actually really liked being hugged, hence why she gave him so many. Her mind was muddled though and she didn't seem to be focusing so great. Obviously she was still pretty heavily lacking in mana, everything she had done had really ripped it out of her.

"I apologise, Belsarius, I didn't realise I had fallen asleep, I think I used a little too much mana." She whispered to him, still holding onto his neck before she stepped away and reached up, gently rubbing her eyes, causing spots of light to dance across them for a few moments as happened when someone rubbed their eyes. She dropped her arms after that, letting her sleeves flop over her hands before she reached up, grabbing one of Belsarius's antlers and pulling herself onto his back. Once up there she wrapped her arms around his neck and cuddled in.

"Let's go, My King, I need some sleep..."

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Child of the Forest
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