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 Training [Solo]

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Itome Hikaraku

Itome Hikaraku

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PostSubject: Training [Solo]   Training [Solo] I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 18, 2014 7:39 pm

Kakarotto woke up out of his green sleeping bag, setting his hammer down on the inside of the bag. Today, he would begin training some techniques so that he would stand a better chance in battle. The Elin didn't even bother brushing his teeth, because he dropped his toothpaste while traveling. It didn't matter, because he never talked to people unless he was forced to.

"I am a master of the Martial Arts..what technique should I come up with today..."

Kakarotto never planned out any techniques in advance, he was the type that came up with them on the spot.

"Hm..I have no defensive capabilities. I have the money for armor, but I was just...I forgot!"

In truth, he was lazy, but didn't want to admit it, even to himself.

"I will form a technique that serves as offense and defense! The ultimate balance!"

He scratched his chin, wondering what he should call it.

"Hm..something about turtles. A turtle's shell is pretty hard, meaning it can be used to ram into people, and it will hurt..,and because of that hardness, it also serves as a perfect defensive tool! So I will call it..THE DAWN TURTLE! So now that I have all the little intricate details down, time to put this move to the test!"

With a single thrust of his right fist, he defied the laws of..well, everything, and unleashed a compressed, shell shaped blast of wind that was five by five meters. The target of this new move created by Kakarotto, was a rock about his size. The blast easily reduced the rock into many pebbles, leaving Kakarotto to be satisfied with his work.

"Alright..I think I'm making Gonzo proud. Time to head into the city and kick some ass.."

WC: 303

Learned: Dawn Turtle
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Training [Solo]
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