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 Still in the Land of Pointy Things (Less Ears, More Zevas/Socious) [NK]

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PostSubject: Still in the Land of Pointy Things (Less Ears, More Zevas/Socious) [NK]   Thu Nov 20, 2014 2:48 pm

Somewhere north of Megoloprepiis was a fantastical cavern of only the most tall-tale like proportions, where the mushrooms and the lichen glowed brilliants hues of blues, greens, and cyan. Many even wondered if some mystical creature would live under the luminescence of the fungi and everything else that grew in the cave, and the Detective was going to investigate such wondrous claims. A man of adventure, he was always poking his head in the wrong places, usually at the best time.

Wandering through broken stones and fallen trees, he eventually appeared at the cavern's entrance. Its presence wasn't hard to miss, there was a brilliant light coming from within. It was almost blinding, and quite frankly, that made The Detective very giddy. Giggling to himself as he approached, he embraced the light and wandered in. His senses had been feeling some sort of life around here, but he had assumed that it was wildlife and passed it off as nothing. If he'd focused, maybe he'd figured that they were humanoids or some oddity, but they seemed far off from his location. One was on top of the mountain, the other a ways off from that.

Unless they were in it? No, that'd be silly. They couldn't be. And so The Detective wandered onward, poking large multicolored mushrooms and checking for dangerous cracks in the ground.

"Oh, I love it!" he shouted, his echo going down the long halls of the cavern.

What an incredible form of life he'd found. If only he knew that there was so much more to this place.


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PostSubject: Re: Still in the Land of Pointy Things (Less Ears, More Zevas/Socious) [NK]   Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:01 pm

Zevas had traveled to the kingdom of auran, a place ruled by elves. He kept himself hidden and to the shadows. He passed by the populated and congested areas, walking along the outskirts of town. From here he continued to travel till he came to a heavily wooded area, a goal in his mind as he held his hands behind his back, his fingers laced together. As he continued to walk the sun had started to fall, casting an eerie shadow through the trees. The next thing he knew a light shown next to him, and he braced himself for an attack. This brace was superbly subtle, but unneeded. The thing that started glowing was a patch of lichen, producing its own light. Zevas had to have a great understanding of almost all things to be able to fully use his skills, and he realized that this plant life was using energy to provide itself with nutrients, causing the glowing effect. Zevas calmed himself as he continued to walk again. As his feet moved in front of the other, moving him along the debris that had fallen from the trees, he came upon a cave. Peering inside his eyes adjusted to the lack of light, the slit pupils opening more as he saw more items glowing inside the cave. Zevas pondered for a moment then dropped his hands to his sides, keeping himself at the ready as he entered the cave.

Once inside of the cave Zevas noticed there was something different about the glowing substance that covered the cavern walls. Zevas reached into his vest pocket, pulling out a darkened metallic object. He lifted it up and flicked it open, lighting it, and shedding a small amount of light around the area, doing the entire motion with one hand. The little ember that shown from his lighter shed enough rays of light that he was able to see bats hanging upside down at the end of the cave. Quickly, Zevas closed his lighter, cutting out the light and closed his eyes, using his ears to listen for a moment. It was still too early and the bats were still in the middle of a slumber. After a moment Zevas opened his eyes, them adjusting better to the extremely low light. He could just make out the bats as they did not glow against the walls that did. The glow must have been from their feces, as the bats would most likely devour the insects that feasted on the illuminated vegetation outside of the cave. So that meant he was surrounded by guano, and was lucky he didnt catch any of it on fire when he lit his lighter.

Zevas tread softly as he snuck up on the bats, being careful not to create any noise, or keeping himself from creating as little as possible. I need one of these bats, and then something else. Only one... Zevas thought to himself, keeping his breathing quiet. He placed himself directly under the bats, crouching lightly. The floor was squishy under his feet, realizing he was stepping on bat shit. Zevas grimaced slightly to himself, knowing he was going to have to clean his shoes later, scouring the surface of his soles. He continued reaching up, aiming to reach for a bat until a loud voice echoed down the cavern. Zevas crouched as the bats above him immediately flapped open their wings and and began to fly around the cave, screeching loudly before they flew out. Zevas cursed as he quickly reached up and snagged one out of the air with his left hand, holding onto it as the rest of the bats left the cave. He quickly covered the creature's airways, causing it to pass out after a moment but remaining alive.

Zevas remained crouched as he looked towards the entrance of the cave, seeing a man walk in. Zevas continued to watch as he looked for clues to the man's species. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary he assumed the being to be human. He stood there, holding onto the bat with his left hand as the man continued to walk into the cavern. He wouldnt be able to see Zevas until his eyes adjusted to the dim glow from the bat shit. Zevas waited for this to happen, placing the small bat in one of his vest pockets. Once the man was in the cave far enough for Zevas to trap him if need be he would call out to him.

"YOU FOOL! Do you realize what you just did? You're lucky i was able to catch one of these flying rats."


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PostSubject: Re: Still in the Land of Pointy Things (Less Ears, More Zevas/Socious) [NK]   Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:52 pm

It had been years since Socius had left his home back in Ignia. He wasn't feeling the life of a Grandmaster, and didn't want much of the whole political aspect coming with his rank and title. So, on the course of his travels he found himself venturing into this cavern, precariously sitting on one the portions attached to the wall. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't comfortable, but it was where Socius had decided to rest at.

The local rumors had suggested this cavern was never-ending, or perhaps held some mystical properties or items within it. If that were true, Socius knew he had to get there, and keep the wrong people from obtaining it. That is, if anyone had found what the rumors were suggesting. Socius was just staking out for the time-being, waiting for the other unfortunate souls who might dare come by what this area held.

Socius, being the smart Barakan that he was, decided to get some elevation, and use that to be a lookout. He took to the nearest mountaintop surrounding the cavern, spotting the two figures that approached the cavern's environment, yet never moving. He couldn't see efficiently enough to spot whom they were, or what they looked like; they were like scarecrows at his height - all he knew is there where humanoids down there. At least, he hoped they were. "Now, who the devil are those two?"
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PostSubject: Re: Still in the Land of Pointy Things (Less Ears, More Zevas/Socious) [NK]   

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Still in the Land of Pointy Things (Less Ears, More Zevas/Socious) [NK]
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