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 Specialty System

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PostSubject: Specialty System   Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:58 pm

Specialty System -
The Specialty system, also known as the Specialization System, determines how many Spec points you start with, how to gain more, how to distribute them, what each level of a specialty grants, among other things. You are able to freely distribute your spec points among whatever specialties you so choose, as to not restrict you by implementing Specialty limits. There is, however, an over-all limit on how many spec points you may have total. This limit is 750. You may also only level five specialties max past 75 and only four past 100. These limits are in place so that you will choose a distinctive type of character to play rather than giving your character many/all roles. We do this so that you can focus more on character development and what you'd like your character to be rather than trying to be an all-powerful God.

Starting Points -
The amount of starting points you are granted is determined by your Warrior Class, also known as just your Class. Each primary class, i.e: Neophyte, Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Adept, Master, Grandmaster, Elder, and Legend, receives a different amount of spec points to start out with. The better your class, the more you get to start with. With that said, we will move on to the actual starting points for each sub-class.

  • Neophyte & Novice starts with 75
  • Journeyman starts with 125
  • Expert starts with 200
  • Adept starts with 250
  • Master starts with 300
  • Grandmaster starts with 350
  • Elder starts with 400

  • Artisan starts with 400.

For every 25 points you have in a specialty, you may apply for techniques one rank higher. This starts at rank 5 and goes up. With 25 points you may apply for rank 5 techniques of that specialty, then 50 for rank 4, 75 for rank 3, 100 for rank 2, and 125 for rank 1. No matter how many specialties or spec points you have, you may only have a total maximum of 4 rank 1 techniques. For specialties that don't offer techniques but implicate the use of a weapon or item, the same ranking rules apply for weapons as does techniques. 125 in Swordsmanship for a Rank 1 sword, for example.

Acquiring Spec Points -
We strive to make sure that gaining everything on this RPG will be as enjoyable of a process as possible. We hate to see those of you who would otherwise be stuck creating countless solo training threads. For that reason, we will be implementing numerous ways of gaining spec points as well as ways of gaining them faster than usual. We will try to be detailed as possible in each method as to avoid confusion. Remember, if you're unsure ask a member of staff. Do not just create the topic then get angry later that you did not train properly. It is always best to ask questions first. Please remember that in order for it be considered a proper training topic, you must train the specialty you're wanting to gain spec points in. This does not mean use that specialty a little. Nor does it mean every word of the topic must be geared towards that specialty. However, make sure that almost all of the topic is you training that specialty, otherwise we reserve the right to abstain from granting you those Spec Points.

The first method of training is, of course, solo training. It is practicing by yourself to hone your abilities in that particular specialty. Please keep in mind, this is one of the most inefficient methods but might still be preferred by those who can not find someone else to fight or train with. Spec points gained through this methods are gained at the rate of 1 spec point per 500 words typed. So, for example, if you type 4000 words, you will have earned 8 spec points in that area.

The second method of training spec points is training with an ally. This must be a friendly spar or simply them sitting in on your training and giving you pointers, examples, and assistance. This must be actual legitimate training and is certainly the most effective method of training. Your trainer's word count does not count towards your own. However, the rate at which spec points are gained through this method is 1 spec point per 200 words typed. So, for example, if you type 4000 words, you will have earned 20 spec points in that area.

The third and final method of training spec points is by fighting an enemy. This is a bit tricky as you are required to use nothing but that specialty which you wish to train throughout the entire fight. If you use any other specialty even once, you will not be able to submit the topic for spec point acquisition. Due to the fact that you are essentially teaching yourself and no one is really there to give you pointers or advice, you train at a less efficient rate than the second method by doing this. However, it is still more efficient than the first method. The rate at which spec points are gained through this method is 1 spec point per 400 words typed. So, for example, if you type 4000 words, you will have earned 10 spec points in that area. So next time you get into a brawl with someone, it is suggested you stick with a single specialty and use that topic to gain spec points later.

Specialties with an asterick (*) enable the user to create 'techniques' under that specialty. You may not create techniques under any other specialty.
Mana Specialties -

Combat Specialties -
Martial Arts*:
Mace Fighting*:
Staff Fighting*:
Tactical Weaponry*:

Taming Specialties -
Animal Lore:
Animal Taming:

Artisan Specialties -
Bowcraft & Fletching:
Culinary Arts:
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PostSubject: Re: Specialty System   Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:23 pm

Updated on November 18th, 2014.

Minor error in Mace Fighting has been rectified. Mace Fighting does not include bladed weapons of any kind. Modified Staff Fighting to include spears and other weapons where the handle exceed the blade in length.

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PostSubject: Re: Specialty System   Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:08 pm

Updated on November 18th, 2014.

Archery is now Marksmanship. Anyone with the Archery specialty will now have Marksmanship to replace it.

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PostSubject: Re: Specialty System   

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Specialty System
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