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 The Detective [DONE]

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PostSubject: The Detective [DONE]   The Detective [DONE] I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 5:52 pm

Personal Information

Name: No true name.
Nickname James, The Detective
Age: 29 (Appears to be 24.)
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Altered)

Appearance Information

Height: 6'1
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Looks Image:

Looks Description:

The Detective, or James as he uses for those who absolutely demand a name, is a rather tall and fair-skinned man. Standing at about 6'1, he's at a somewhat above-average height for most humans, who tend to stand just an inch or two shorter than he. His figure is balanced and toned, the majority of his weight being comprised by muscle thanks to his long days of traveling. Crystalline irises and a cheeky smile that seems to impress anyone compliment his body, his expression full of curiosity and friendliness that often goes unmatched in the modern hostile world.

His hair is kept rather short as a means of convenience, but James has often thought of growing it just a bit longer. But that's something else to worry about, as there's just too much to explore before he can focus on his vanities. Those are covered for now, as far as his apparel goes. Having traveled far and wide in search of the perfect gear for long and dangerous roads, James focused on ease and comfort combined with incredible durability.

The most noticeable part of his outfit is a loose-fitting, ankle-length gray trench coat. Crafted with only the finest of wool and stitched with the slightest reinforcements of valorite dust, it has served him through fire, sea, and storm. Never degrading, always looking its best, and never letting the elements stick to it. The coat is basically waterproof, as he usually says when he brags to others about it.

Just under his layer of protection is yet another, a wondrous suit of black and gray. Fitted just for him, he wears it proudly to any occasion, even if it's entirely unnecessary and he looks like an overdressed fool. The attention just puts a smile on his face, almost making him look like a hedonist. But it is not the attention that pleases him, only the vast comfort he gets from his one and only outfit. The suit has small, vertical gray stripes about its black base, and James wears a dark blue bow tie rather than a traditional tie.

Dark slacks accompany the suit, made of just as durable materials. At The Detective's feet one would find a pair of the finest hiking boots, valorite-toed for maximum protection and crafted with near impenetrable soles for the most dangerous of environments. Slip-proof and waterproof, one would have to try very hard to ruin these magnificent beasts of shoes. They are black in color, with an appearance similar to that of leather.

On his hands, James wears a pair of finger-less gloves. In truth, the fingers can simply detach and have minutely sized zippers, but it looks and feels much better to keep them off. Designed to be effective while still thin and well-fitting, they protect The Detective's hands while he's hiking, tinkering, or even holding an extremely hot cup of brew.

Finally, we come to pockets. Not just trouser pockets, but the pockets of The Detective's trench coat. There are many within, all holding different possessions important to James. In one pocket, one would find a moleskin journal and a tinkered pen that concepts ink through negligible amounts of mana. In another pocket, one would find a masterfully crafted pipe that can burn the contents of its bowl through negligible amounts of mana. In a rather large waist-side pocket, one would find a wineskin inscripted with a rune that can produce any beverage the user would desire, again thanks to negligible amounts of mana consumption. In yet another pocket one would discover beautifully tinkered pocket watch. Within it, roman numerals would dictate the time, and at the center would be a minor compartment crafted for the purpose of being a compass. Doubling as a timekeeping and traveling tool, it is one of James's favorite possessions.

And last, but definitely not least, a breast pocket for The Detective's AMM. On odd occasions, one might also find spare rations or random items like a box of matches in The Detective's pockets, often times things of import that he himself forgot about.

Personality Information

Personality Description:

The Detective is a pretty cheerful fellow. Despite having faced many burdens in his somewhat low age, he's learned to excel at hiding those tragedies and instead keeping the happiest of demeanors. It's practically impossible to offend him, especially on a good day. He's often sarcastic, but always with the best intentions, and he does his best to do so humorously.

While he can most certainly be sentimental at times, it's difficult to bring out. Overly questioning parts of his past or forcing him to bring up or visit events involving past friends or loved ones is the easiest way to see his sad side, but it can end up being the biggest of motivators when he's slacking. To fight for a memory can be a much greater means of victory than fighting for a hopeless cause. That's what many people do, anyway. Fight to preserve what once was.

When he's not thinking of his family, one might rarely find his sentimental side when he's strolling through a strong downpour or if there's a particularly moving piece of music playing in the background. Otherwise, he's a strong person and ensures the people around him know it to its fullest extent. Facing impossible feats with courage and curiosity, some would probably even call him insane. Why ever would you find a massive, deadly explosion interesting? Why not?

As with all great curiosity, The Detective is a man of innovation and wonder. He's spent his life invested in crafts of all different usefulness, even going as far as to create his magical AMM. He enjoys learning, and the best way to do that is to dissect everything you see and know it inside and out. Piece by piece, he'd destroyed and reconstructed hundreds of mechanical and technological devices, granting him a vast knowledge on the subject. Thanks to the development of the AMM, he can even go as far as to continue creating tinkered things without the use of a gigantic tool set. Certainly, his mind and wanderlust are unmatched.

Beyond that of tinkering, he has also invested himself in many other arts. Small forms of tactical weaponry, animal lore, and perhaps the most important, cooking and brewing. Thanks to his investment in medicine and his gift of nature's blessing, he can create some of the most wonderful dishes and medicines life has to offer. With every culinary ingredient excepting meat at his very fingertips, he's never short on a way to improve the health of himself or another. Any meal created by James is a going to be a powerful one, and you'll be wanting more.

As part of his love of music, James also invested time in learning how to play a few instruments. The piano was the top of his list, and while he doesn't get to practice it often, the sounds of it soothe his mind and fill his imagination almost every waking moment. His fingers trace the keys in the air, and he knows that he'll always be ready to play a melody. Not as developed are his skills on the harmonica and the lute, but he practices from time to time when they're available.

Even his general knowledge is commendable, as the art of tinkering requires a good deal of information on maths, physics, geometry, and a number of other things. His favorite subject was always English, however. To masterfully grasp the common language and turn it into a moving speech or a simple romantic gesture captivated him, and while he wouldn't spend too much time practicing the latter, he definitely loved writing in his journals and changing the hearts of men with mere words.

Recently, James had been studying automatons and other mechanized machinery with the hopes of crafting them at some point. Much of the records are old and left to the civilizations of a time before, but from what he's gathered, he feels he can accomplish the goal.

All in all, a man with his own sorrows hidden behind a fun and fairly outgoing personality. Seeking to do good for others, but also to better himself as much as possible in the long run. A man of vast knowledge, with theories and concepts of things most people wouldn't even care to imagine. A mind bursting with thoughts, and love, and all the world.

- Enjoys strolls through the rain.
- Long hikes through the wilderness.
- Admiring useful or fanciful creations.
- Learning from anything and everything.
- Ensuring the peace, to an extent.
- A little bit of chaos, so long as it's not hurting anyone.
- Tinkering up oddities and other devices.
- His AMM.
- Nice coats.
- Teas and coffees.
- People as curious as he is.
- Breakfast
- Cooking, writing, and brewing
- Whiskey

- Hot weather.
- Especially humid areas.
- Particularly vile people or creations.
- An inability to learn from what he's doing.
- Losing things.
- Reuben.
- Long-sleeved shirts, except suit tops.

Catch Phrases:

"Onward!" "Oh, I love it!" "Look at that!" "Incredible." "Fantastic!"


It isn't difficult to be nice. All it takes is a little practice and the help of some good friends. That's part of why he travels, to ensure productivity and goodness in the world. The other half of his travels involves learning all the he can, and doing so productively and interestingly.

Alignment Information

Nation: Sosaria
Village: Ex-Ignian, Formerly visited Auran. Wanderer
Job/Trade: Detective, Tinkerer, Mage
Rank: N/A
Alignment: A mix between Chaotic Good and Neutral.

Abilities Information

Class: Grandmaster
Specialties: (500/500)
- Medical (125)
- Tinkering (125)
- Non-Elemental (125)
- Tactical Weaponry (25)
- Culinary Arts (25)
- Brewing (25)
- Animal Lore (25)
- Elemental (25)

Stats: (3,500/3,500)
- Strength: 400 (2,175 lbs)
- Speed: 600 (655 MPH)
- Reflexes: 600
- Stamina: 300
- Mana: 600
- Control: 1,000

Combat Style:

- Overview

In general, James isn't much of a fighter. When he does have to enter combat, he tends to use his wits and things in his environment to outsmart or disable his opponent. Rarely will he ever have to actually enter combat with his opponent, but when he does, there are usually some techniques hidden for that. If not, he'll just have to use something laying around.

- Medical

While the use of medical magic doesn't necessarily fall under combat styles, it's worth noting that The Detective's knowledge of medicine, anatomy, and essentially the entirety of how the body works is not something to dismiss. He's yet to create any techniques for it, but he does have knowledge of pressure points and the natural weaknesses of the body that can be manipulated without any mana present.

- Tinkering

While many see them as artisans, tinkerers can be fearsome opponents depending on just how far they've taken their craft. James can create weapons if the right materials are present, and when combined with non-elemental magics, they can be something to avoid. In addition, James plans to spend time in the future creating automatons that may fight for him if they ever needed.

- Non-Elemental

Like medical magic, Non-Elemental doesn't necessarily fit under the boundaries of physical combat, yet in some ways it does. Knowledge of the world, its compounds, and many other useful bits and pieces of information open up ways for James to exploit the environment and even things that his enemies are using as weapons. The mind as a great tool opens up possibilities for physical applications of non-elemental things.

- Tactical Weaponry

A smart man, James would waste no time crafting tactical weaponry to fit his needs. If need be, he'd create them on the spot or make use of items in his environment. Knowing all the materials necessary to create a bomb can be one of the most useful skills.

- Culinary Arts

Food? As a weapon? Sure! Using or creating ingredients in order to craft mean poisons or spread disease are just a few of the ways to ensure that your opponent is going to have an awfully bad time. More of a stealthy approach to combat, unless you're into charging at someone and stuffing food in their mouth.

- Brewing

While brewing mostly covers the use of poisons and medicines, it's not unlikely to create an unstable mixture in order to produce a giant smoke cloud or to simply take some boiling water in a glass flask and bash it over someone's head.

- Animal Lore

Animal lore? That's not a weapon, that's just information! Ah, but information is a tool for the wise. On rare occasions, James has found ways to trick animals into fighting for him. Or, for the more sentient ones, simply communicating deals or desires for protection or needs.

Mana Style:

- Medical

Medical techniques are a bit self-explanatory. You're healing yourself or you're healing an ally, and if you're in a particularly weird situation, you're healing the enemy. James has found that medical techniques can also be used to hurt an opponent's body or to simply throw them off, such as disturbing the nervous system or otherwise giving someone a really hard time. The most important use of medical energy has been The Detective's powerful regenerative abilities.

- Tinkering

Using mana and non-elemental magic in order to power tinkered creations is definitely not out of the question, and is generally required most of the time. Items and objects created can sometimes use raw magic to their advantage, especially when it comes to weapons or something as simple as batteries or bombs.

- Non-Elemental

Manipulating the whole wide world. That's what non-elemental magic covers, at least when it comes to The Detective's perspective. Often times he's using non-elemental magic in order to empower his creations, or to modify the world in an awfully convenient manner. This ends up being a jack-of-all-trades usage for James, so it'll have to be noted in techniques whenever they're made.

- Tactical Weaponry

Magic sticks, magic bombs, even magic rope? If there's a way mana can be applied to it, James will surely discover a way to do it.

- Culinary Arts

Empowering taste or adding a nasty side-effect are some superb ways to utilize mana in cooking. Or, if you're a nice guy, you can make that delicious stew increase your stats for the whole party. Ensure people have a good time and all.

- Brewing

Essentially the same as the usage for the culinary arts. Of course, there's also poisons and all other sorts of concoctions. And don't forget the medicine.

- Elemental

For the moment, the only elemental magic that James uses is to take advantage of his given gift of the Nature element.

Special Abilities:





Journal (100 G)

Inscription Pen (100 G)

Pipe (100 G)

Wineskin (200 G)

Pocket Watch (500 G)

The Detective's Trench Coat




Past Information


In the beginning, James was an average human. Well, perhaps a bit odd, but still fairly average. Dutiful and intelligent above all else, he devoted a lot of time to his studies. Never had too many friends, but was always very outgoing and friendly when people did meet him. It was as if he avoided others on purpose, always keeping his nose in the very atoms of the texts he studied in case some passing person tried to remain within his life. His teachers liked him, and the few peers that spoke to him never had any issues, but he was still a loner.

Perhaps it was because many of them were Elves, but that fact never bothered James much. He spent his time studying, learning, tinkering all that he could at what is now the University of Auran. He can't remember it, though. All those years he spent expanding his knowledge. The personal experiences are simply fading memories, but it seems the skills he learned didn't vanish when the event happened those five years ago. James had left his home of Ignia to study at the Elven universities, seemingly a perfect idea for a loner.

His family had always bothered him, and at this point, it seemed he was only running from himself. Their memory tugged at his heart, and learning was all he could do to cease those memories. To think, and think, and think until he knew so much that he couldn't remember anything at all. People often noted that the only time James ever took a break from his studies was to eat, sleep, or take a walk through the forest near the Auran academy. That forest became an increasingly fond place for James, as the world seemed to call to him.

He remembered when he was a child that he spent much time exploring. It was how he became such a loner. Always alone, always with nothing but the flowers, and the trees, and the occasional animal. It was a wonderful feeling to be alone with nothing but the nature around him. To absorb the life of Mother Earth and all that she could give him. Life was what he wanted, but something he felt he could never achieve. To fix his life.

It was that afternoon some five years ago that James finally had the opportunity to achieve the new life he had always wanted. To escape the feelings of resentment he had for himself and forget all about the painful memories of leaving his family behind simply to be alone. When he changed for the better, and had a desire to find the people he cared about all over again. To finally use all that knowledge of medicine, and magic, and tinkering up wonderful things.

It was the afternoon where someone followed him into the forest whilst he was unawares. If one were watching the scene that unfolded, one could say the mugging was quick and painless. Others might describe it as fearful, or even gruesome the way an Elf could take all the precious things from a man. Not just loose change, or a fancy pipe, but the whole of his life. In a single thrust of the sorrowful knife, James had lost everything that was important to him. At last, his thoughts were quiet. His body fell limply at the base of his favorite tree, and it seemed he was one with nature for just a short time.

That time was all that Mother Nature needed to bestow upon him his gift. Late as it was, the man of 24 years would be gifted with something immemorial. The roots of the tree rose from the ground, splitting off into hundreds of small tendrils and reaching for the young man's wounds. They went within him, bearing the fruits of life and the strength of a hundred lifetimes. A beating began, a valiant sound of thumping and marching. The sound of drums, an infinite sound that filled the corpse's ears.

James opened his eyes to the oddity of a second heart and a tainted memory. The tendrils receded into the earth before he ever knew of their existence, and he sat up in amazement. A grin spread across his face as the gaping hole where a dagger had been was closed entirely, not even a scar in its place. The whole world hummed with life, and his body was in sync with it. He could feel everything, and see the most incredible of things within his mind.

Concepts, animals, people, things... but those memories, those painful memories were still just at the corner of his thoughts. They were waiting to lash back out at him, and seize him once and for all. An image of an old man's face, a dark hallway with a haunting piano emerging from a candle-lit frame, and the sight of beautiful sunlight all flashed through his mind. It was at this point that James realized he no longer remembered his name, but he knew his face.

It was a very unsettling feeling. To no longer know one's own name, but to possess the knowledge and memory of a person long lived. The coming days were odd indeed, as James began to feel a number of things consuming his will. He no longer desired to stay in one place, and he could no longer sleep at night. His mind wandered to the farthest stretches of his imagination, and it was all he could do to cease them for but a few moments. The following years took him many places, and he learned a great deal of things about both himself and the world.

The second chance changed his entire life, from the ground up he was an entirely new person. Except for his name. Always the name that he could never decide upon, always the name that people wanted. He became a nameless man, except when truly disturbed about it. Even then, he did his best to resist picking something random. Now, the Detective wanders in search of adventure. In search of something interesting, and fun.


- Mother: Nature


- Best Friend: N/A
- Close Friend: N/A
- Friend: N/A
- Acquaintance: N/A

Roleplay Sample

I pulled my roleplay sample from a site I used to roleplay on. Sorry for the lack of coding and Naruto format.

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